'It's expensive being rejected': Man bills woman after she declines a second date.

When people decide to prioritise finding that special someone, dating can become an expensive endeavour.

But does that mean it is okay to send a bill to your date, after they reject you?

With the frankly absurd amount of new dating trends that seem to appear each week, it can be a jungle out there.

And one man has clearly had enough of it, saying “It’s expensive being rejected all the time.”

A woman on Twitter, with the username @sayhisophie, has shared a screenshot of an exchange her mother had with a man who she had dinner with.

Sophie’s mum didn’t actually adopt any of the popularised dating trends, such as ghosting, but instead told the man honestly that she wasn’t interested in developing a relationship with him.

“Mum went out on a date and wasn’t feeling it,” Sophie said on Twitter. “The guy fully texted her and asked her to send him £4.95 [$9] for her g&t.”

Sophie’s mum texted the man in part: “I wish you lots of luck in finding your special person. Take care and it was nice meeting you.”

“Oh dear,” his response began. “It’s expensive being rejected all the time. Please be kind enough to put 4.95 in my account.” He then shared his bank details.

Posted three days ago, the tweet has gone viral with 40K likes, and over 4,000 retweets.


Responses to the tweet were divided too. The original tweet was shared along with a number of laughing emojis in the caption, indicating the mother and daughter’s feelings of ridiculousness at the situation.

But whilst some users thought that no one should feel obligated to go on a second date or feel bad if they don’t feel a connection, others weren’t exactly in agreement, saying “he’s entitled to his hard earned money.”

But the general reaction was overwhelmingly of the opinion that the man’s request was… laughable.



Do you think the man’s request was ridiculous? Or do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments section below!

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