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The first trailer for The Bachelorette 2020 has dropped, and every bloke is just as confused as us.

The hotly anticipated new season of The Bachelorette is just around the corner, which means promos are starting to roll out to give us a good glimpse into all the drama coming our way.

This year we’re looking at a whole new dynamic as ex-Bachelor contestant Elly Miles steps up to be The Bachelorette standing side-by-side with her sister, Becky Miles. 

Listen to Kee Reece and Laura Brodnik discuss why not everyone is happy about our new Bachelorettes on The Spill. Post continues after podcast.

This whole two-Bachelorette thing hasn’t happened on the Aussie version of the show yet, but when they attempted this formula on the American Bachelorette franchise it did not end well.

We repeat, it did NOT end well.

So lord knows why adding family into the mix was ever going to be a great idea…

But it seems we are not alone in this confusion, as the first trailer of the new season was released this evening and every contestant seems equally baffled by the double-bachelorette set up. 

Watch the first Bachelorette trailer, as shared by Network 10, right here.


We’re reintroduced to Elly, with flashbacks to her time with Matt Agnew, before being presented with a montage of confused contestants saying, “WHAT?!” on repeat.

“These boys have no bloody idea what’s coming for them,” Elly laughs while debuting her sister Becky to the big bad world of The Bachelorette.

Of course, there’s the classic mix of contestants rocking up on the red carpet - including a dashing chap with a slicked back man-bun and a dude fully dressed as cupid. 

For a first glimpse of The Bachelorette 2020, all things seem pretty loved up and hopeful, with Elly declaring, “This is a once in a lifetime thing, and no one gets to do this with their best friend, their sister, by their side”. 

Fingers crossed this positivity sticks and this season delivers a fairytale and not a family bust up. 

Feature image: Network 10 / @bacheloretteau Instagram.