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Let us present these wildly uncanny Bachelorette 2020 celebrity lookalikes.

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While The Bachelorette may be flopping on the TV ratings, for those who have stuck around to watch the drama unfold may have begun to match up these Bachelorette boys with their celebrity lookalikes.

No? Just us? Well, it is our job...

Now watch Elly and Becky Miles confront Pascal on The Bachelorette. Post continues after video.

Video via Network 10. 

So without further ado let us present you this mammoth list of wildly uncanny Bachelorette doppelgangers - and see if you can spot the Bachelorette boys who look just like, well, other Bachelorette boys. 

(The casting producers must have a bit of a 'type'...)

Pascal Wallace / Joules Bourne 

While Pascal has been busy gaining notoriety for what to many seemed like gaslighting Elly and Becky on the show, we couldn't help but notice the similarities in, er, moustaches between Pascal and ex-Bachelorette contestant Jules Bourne. 

Image: Network 10 and Instagram.


Adam / Chris Hemsworth

Rocking the same strong chin and luscious eyebrows, we reckon Adam could be a Hemsworth bro.

Image: Network 10 and Getty.


Frazer / Freddie Flintoff

This Bachelorette frontrunner has the same cheeky chappy flair as British cricketer Freddie Flintoff, and they both rock a gooooood amount of face stubble. Ahh.

Image: Network 10 and Getty.


Sam / Ryan from The Bachelorette

We know the Bachelorette mansion background is really helping our case here, but BOY does Sam look like Ryan (from Angie's season of The Bachelorette).

Image: Network 10 and, er, also Network 10.


Joe / Novak Djokovic

It's the height, it's the ears and it's the perfectly awkward smile. Joe, meet your tennis superstar doppelganger, Novak.

Image: Network 10 and Getty.


Aggi / Tarzan

Yes, this may not be a real-human to real-human comparison, but Aggi is a dead ringer for animated Tarzan.

The So Dramatic! podcast also made their own comparison between Aggi and Christian Wilkins and THEY LITERALLY COULD BE TWINS. 


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Shannon / Taylor Lautner

The eyebrows, smile and quiffy hair are locking in this pair of lookalikes for us. 

Image: Network 10 and Getty.


Harry / Osher Günsberg

We have another Bachelor-dude-looking-like-another-Bachelor-dude, but this time we're convinced that Harry and Osher Günsberg are twinning - particularly on the hairstyling front...

Image: Network 10 and Getty.


Damien / Ray Romano

Everybody loves... Damien?

Image: Network 10 and Getty.


Pete / Pete Evans

Doppelgangers in both name and face. Making us officially creeped out.

Image: Network 10 and Seven.


Adrian / Javier Bardem

Okay we're 100 per cent sure that Adrian is the long lost child of Javier Bardem. Literally. Every. Feature. Is. The. Same.

Image: Network 10 and Getty.

Have you discovered any more Bachelorette lookalikes? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Network Ten.