13 things a woman NEVER thinks when her boyfriend goes to a Bachelor party.

You’re meant to be cool with it, of course. Nonchalance is meant to spill off of you in genuine waves of sure thing, I trust you, you’ll have a great time, as you gaze at him through dark sunglasses and serenely turn the pages of the magazine you’re holding.

You could even laugh about Steven’s girlfriend, the one who most certainly isn’t ‘cool’ about her boyfriend attending a weekend-long bachelor’s party with 10 guys travelling to a location hours away. “Oh she’s so uptight”, you’ll snicker.

That’s how it’s meant to happen.

But that’s not how it happens at all.

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You’re meant to be cool. But the thoughts. The thoughts in your head. They’re hot. Bad hot and catching.

Here’s a list of all the things a woman NEVER thinks as her boyfriend attends a Bachelor Party:

It’s 11am, I’m sure they’re still sober.

Aren’t their matching ‘buck’s weekend’ sashes lovely? A lot of thought went into this.

I love strip clubs.

I wonder if they’ll play ‘truth and dare’ like we did at Jenny’s hens.


Oh, my phone just lit up with a message, no need to check it now.

A glass of wine? Not really necessary.

It’s great how Hen’s and Buck’s parties were created so equal.

I have a sudden urge to watch ‘The Hangover’.

Aren’t lap dances the sweetest thing?

I am definitely not reciting a speech in my mind about trust and respecting women and stupid, old-fashioned, out-dated customs.

I wonder where I put my phone.

Well, obviously this tradition was dreamt up by a woman.


You’ll say I’m immature. Most likely I have trust issues. But…

If you drop the ‘cool girl’ act for just one moment, I think you’ll find I am – if not anything else – completely and utterly honest.


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