There's a new kind of Hen's party, and it's got nothing to do with penis straws.

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Burn the penis straws.

Cancel the male strippers.

Hide the bride-to-be sash and chuck the cotton veil you bought from the $2 shop in the bin.

Hen’s nights as we know it are cancelled. Instead, it’s all about the zen night.

The Hen’s night has had a spiritual awakening and now it’s all about activities. Healthy activities.

Don’t worry – I also feel skeptical about healthy activities.

Listen: Mia Freedman, Monique Bowley and I are divided over the subject of a zen-do. (Post continues…)

Healthy Hens, an event business based in NSW, Queensland and Victoria, markets itself as the perfect alternative to the, “traditional, late night, alcohol fuelled Hen’s party”. With a team of health and wellbeing experts, Healthy Hens combines activities such as yoga, pilates and even juice cleanses to leave the bride and her party feeling “relaxed and refreshed” before the wedding day.

But that’s not all.

You can try glamping. Or stay in a beach pad – whatever floats your boat. There are options to do a boot camp, meditation, spa sessions, raw dessert cooking classes, make your own flower crowns, clay jewellery or moss balls, or learn to surf.

It would appear tequila and a late night Maccas run is not on the menu.

Advantages are of course: no hangover, significant lack of vomiting, reduced penis gags and not having to go to a nightclub which makes everyone over the age of 20 feel 104.


Disadvantages include: Juice cleanse. Exercise. Lack of chips/chocolate/2am McDonalds and presence of moss balls (I still don’t know what they are).

But each to their own.

It’s a great idea – as long as men replace their wild bucks parties with a silent retreat, a mushroom latte and a colonic.

You can listen to the full episode of Mamamia Out Loud, here. 

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