"That's a lot of drinks": The behind-the-scenes secrets of Bachelor in Paradise.

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Every year on Bachelor in Paradise, we witness some pretty wild things take place on-screen.

Proposals, betrayal, plenty of drama and (very occasionally) love.

But what we sometimes forget is that there are just as many interesting things taking place off-camera that we don't get to see. 

From sex rules to hostel-looking rooms, here are all the behind-the-scenes secrets from Bachelor in Paradise.

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Limited alcohol.

Whether they're lounging on a daybed or getting rowdy at a 'Bula Banquet', it's rare to see a Bachelor in Paradise cast member without a drink in hand.

But according to Brittany Hockley, there are strict rules around alcohol consumption to ensure things don't get too out of hand.


In an episode of Life Uncut, the podcast she hosts with 2017 Bachelor winner Laura Byrne, Hockley shared that the Paradise bar opens at midday.

"Then you get two drinks an hour, and you can basically drink until midnight," she said.

"That’s a lot of drinks, and in the sun."

Brittany insisted that producers watch closely for signs of intoxication.


"They have a duty of care, so while you’re allowed that many drinks, the second they think you’ve had too many, or you’re too intoxicated, they’ll cut you off. 

"I think Jamie [Doran] got cut off a few times, and I think [Brittney Weldon] got cut off once, bless her soul."

A spokesperson for the program previously told The Daily Telegraph that cast members are also not allowed to drink unless they've eaten breakfast, nor can they have straight shots of spirits (mixed drinks only, please). 

Non-alcoholic drinks and food are also available at all times, on top of scheduled meal breaks.

Contestants have to give consent.

While we assume that contestants can get up to as much mischief as they want in Paradise, that is hardly the case. 

When appearing on the SO DRAMATIC! podcast, Abbie Chatfield shared that during *that* steamy scene where she and Ciarran Stott were under the sheets, producers had to get verbal consent from both of them before anything more happened.


"Nothing exciting happened and then they asked for us to give consent," Abbie explained.

"When you're going to have sex with someone on Paradise or someone stays in your bed and they see you touching each other, they need to get you recording yourself saying, 'I give consent.'

"They literally knock on the window and say, 'Hey guys, we're going to have to get you to give consent now.'"

But Abbie did clarify, that this was probably a good thing.

"It was good because I probably would have slept with him if they didn't walk in and go, 'Do you guys want to give consent?'"

The pay isn't amazing.

Although these contestants get to lie by the pool all day and sip mango daiquiris, we did assume that they would get paid to appear on Paradise

Speaking to Hit 103.5’s Carly and Seamus in April 2019, Bachelor in Paradise star Ivan Krslovic (yes, *that* avocado guy) shared how much he got paid on the show and well… it’s not much at all.


“Yeah, we definitely do [get paid],” Ivan said, as he confirmed the contestants are paid around $100 to $200 a day.

“Most of us have got full-time jobs so we need money to pay for bills and stuff… it’s enough to get us through the week,” he added.

“We’re sipping cocktails and sitting around in our boardshorts so it’s not too bad.”

But according to the Daily Telegraph, it seems not everyone on Bachelor in Paradise is being paid the same as Ivan.

Although the publication claimed that the majority of the cast were making up to $500 a day on the show, they also reported that former Bachelor winner Alex Nation could have received 10 times more than her fellow contestants on the show.


Yep, that's somewhere between $1000 and $2500. Per day.

Producers were on dating apps.

As we know from previous seasons of The Bachelor franchise, contestants are secluded from the outside world. They aren't allowed to access any form of social media, read any magazines or even their use mobile phones. 

However, that's not the case for the crew.

"During filming one of the minders was going on Hinge. And it was when it was just starting to become big in Australia," Abbie Chatfield told New Idea.

"And because we didn’t even have phones for three months, I was like, 'What’s Hinge?' I literally got teary when she was organising a date with this guy, to go to dinner. I was like, 'I’m so jealous'."

The rooms look like hostel rooms.

Honestly, this needs little explanation besides this photo:

Image: Channel 10.


However, when appearing on the SO DRAMATIC! podcast, Abbie explained that despite these rooms looking a little worse for wear, they definitely beat The Bachelor mansion living conditions - where 14 grown women had to share a room and sleep in bunk beds. 

Editors twist words.

Abbie Chatfield continues to spill the beans about exactly how things aren't as they appear. When speaking to New Idea, she explained that editors can twist the narrative very easily.

"Unless you see it come out of someone’s mouth, word for word on camera, assume it’s edited," Abbie told the publication.

"And when you notice that one thing, you notice all the bad things people say are voiceovers! I only know when I was edited because I knew what I had said. So I was like, 'That’s not what I said in that context!'"

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