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Um. Tenille's bikini on Bachelor in Paradise last night was deemed too racy for TV. 

Anyone who’s been watching Bachelor in Paradise will agree it basically doubles as a weeks-long ad for dental floss bikinis.

You know, the type of bikini that poses the risk of a strong gust of wind revealing your full vulva and/or butthole?

Mamamia Reviews: The Viral Bikini Bottom. Post continues after video.

Obviously the contestants can wear whatever the hell they want in Paradise – it is a beach resort after all. Davey even got away with a pyjama suit in last night’s episode.


But while it's a trend we've seen rocked by most of the contestants this season - and well, pretty much everyone on the beach this summer - last night, one contestant's bikini in particular was seemingly deemed too revealing.

And it wasn't even a windy day in Paradise.

As Tenille prepared a space in which to lay out in the sun and ponder all the possible escape routes from Ivan, Bill Goldsmith and Alex Nation sat nearby commenting on her "phenomenal" bum.

When the camera flashed to Tenille, a huge black strip had been placed over said bum post-production (unless that was part of the bikini design?).

We can't help but feel it was... unnecessary to even include the shot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


“There’s that bum that we love,” Alex said to a very sunburnt Bill as the pair watched on from a sun bed.

“It’s not bad, ay,” Bill responded. “We’re going to look like the two biggest perves,” Alex laughed before adding, “It’s very firm… it’s phenomenal.”

Tenille, 25, had her back to the camera when production zoomed in on her bum. A shot that was censored later in editing.

...Weird flex.

It comes after several viewers commented about the beachwear this season, leading Osher to step in and offer this pearler of a tweet: