Blake Colman has declared he has a very big crush on a castmate from Bachelor in Paradise.

Last night, the cast of the Bachelor in Paradise had a reunion in King’s Cross. And as you can imagine, things got pretty… crazy.

In a rogue move that all Bachie fans can appreciate, Australia’s favourite party boy Blake Colman, also known as the guy that came fourth on Sophie’s season of The Bachelorette, and also the man who called Laurina ‘Lenora’ on Bachelor in Paradise, seemed to be getting pretty cozy with Simone.

Throughout the night, the contestant appeared to make quite a few moves on Simone, who he admitted he had a crush on in Sean Thomsen’s podcast The Seany Show early last month.

“I froth on Simone, ay, I actually asked her on a date, because we have a charity event coming on May 25th and I hit her up and was like ‘yo, we’re overdue for a date,'” Blake said.

“And she was like, ‘yes, yes we are’, she was meant to be on Bachelor In Paradise but was super pissed off when she found out I had already been eliminated,” he continued.

The 26-year-old woman and Colman spent a significant chunk of their night together last night, sharing adorable selfies with each other on their Instagram stories.

In Colman’s Instagram story, he wrote “Wowowowowowaaaaa” which we have translated to “How cute is this woman?!”

The couple shared photos of each other on Instagram. Image: Instagram.

On Simone's Instagram story, the 26-year-old personal trainer posed with Blake as they both casually danced, and by the way that Blake looks at the camera we kind of think he thought it was a photo.

Since the couple didn't end up being on the show at the same time, due to Blake's early elimination from Bachelor in Paradise, you've got to give it to the pair for making up for lost air time.

We think Blake thought this was a photo... Image: Instagram.

Speaking to Mamamia on Saturday, Blake said Simone is an "amazing human" and after last night, he's "decided to move to Melbourne to be closer to Simone to see if we will work."

Who said you can't find real love on a reality television show?

Blake is an ambassador for The Happiness Co, which aims to help people struggling with depression.