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EXCLUSIVE: The one moment the Bachelor in Paradise contestants wish we'd seen.


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Grab a mango daiquiri and get ready for some juicy bach goss.

You see, the Bachelor in Paradise contestants were in Fiji for four whole weeks.

We debrief on a Bach in Paradise finale that had us feeling far more than we expected to. Post continues.

And we only saw a small snippet of what happened there. There was a whole heap of mango daiquiri-induced drama that we never got to see.

Luckily, we spoke to a bunch of the bachie gang and asked them about the moments they wished we saw on TV.



“I think Apollo and Elora’s chat when they came back from the date, he told her he was pursuing things with me, I think that would’ve help a lot [had it been shown].

“He did sit her down and say that, and that didn’t get shown. [Not showing that] ruined things for us because the viewers thought he wasn’t sure who he wanted. But that wasn’t the case.”



“The morning before Thomas had asked me on a date, Jared came up to me and said, ‘Rach, look, I think you’re great and everything, but I’m looking for love at first sight, and that hasn’t happened for me with you.’ I was very taken back by that, because that’s very rare that that happens.”

“I know I went on about The Notebook, but he’s talking about Cinderella stuff! He basically told me to go on dates with other people. He gave me permission in a way. I wish they’d left that in, because now everybody is saying to me, ‘Why did you turn down Jared? He really liked you!’ That’s the part that you guys didn’t hear or see.”



“Behind the scenes was a lot more fun than what we see. Paradise was actually smooth sailing.

“We had little fashion shows by the pool, we had dance parties. It was all a lot of fun. It was a lot of cuddles and a lot of love. It was a lot more happy than the little snippets of drama they show you within that one hour of airtime.”


“Simone and I were doing some boxing and I was trying to show her how to do a jab and yeah she didn’t have her guard up. We ended up just cracking up laughing and she got me back with a little cheeky one as well.”



“I wish my chat with Jake the second time around was shown as it actually was. We had a really good chat.

“We didn’t go into that chat being angry, we just had to get some things off our chest. I wish that people would have seen the actual chat, rather than the edited version of me just ranting at him and him just trying to get a word in because that’s not what happened.”