EXCLUSIVE: We didn't see what really happened between Michael and Tara.


On Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Michael, 30, decided to tell Lisa, 30, how he felt about her and – no – it did not go particularly well.

She said she thinks the right girl for him is out there, but it’s not her, which isn’t what anyone wants to hear ever.

But before Michael had his eyes on Lisa, there was Tara.

We knew something happened around the time he went on a date with Keira, and came back to find Tara doing a bit of a flirt with Sam.

According to Michael, however, there was more to the story we didn’t see and THIS IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR PLS.

“At the start me and Tara were getting along really well and they didn’t show much of that…” Michael told Mamamia. 

“I went on a date with Keira and I came back and Tara was quite drunk,” Michael laughed. “I think we all know she’d had quite a few drinks the day she put the hat on…”

Oh. We remember, Michael. We remember.

"I'm completely fine. Fine."

"We had a couple of conversations and I just saw some things in Tara that I didn't think were going to work moving forward, and so I had a chat with her and said, you know, listen I think we should just be friends and it worked out well for her," Michael said.


"I think just where she was probably at in her head. We had a couple of conversations that night when I got back and she may have said some things... she may regret them now... maybe she doesn't I don't know...

"Without going into too much detail I want someone who's really going to be committed to seeing if there is a connection here," Michael said.

"I just wanted to spend my time with someone that was fully committed to getting to know me versus going around in paradise trying to talk to everybody at the same time."


Well, goodness.

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But as Michael made clear, "everything happens for a reason", and things worked out for the best.

As for his relationship with Lisa, he says there was a lot going on we didn't get to see.

"Me and Lisa spent a lot of time together, just one on one chats on the beach... and lunches and dinners. We did develop a very good bond."

They're still in contact since the show has ended, but Michael says his priority now is to ensure she's okay after the break up of her relationship with Luke.

In paradise, Michael shared a room with Luke, and the two were very close. But since Michael decided to give his rose to Lisa - despite the reality she was in a relationship with Luke at the time - Michael says, "Yeah, I wouldn't say we're best friends."

He admits it did effect their friendship, and "now it's kinda awkward," although they are on speaking terms.

Michael is still single, but joked, "Well, obviously I'm on The Bachelor next year so hopefully I'll find some love there."

Well, that is a season we would certainly watch.