Bachelor In Paradise's Apollo threw a not-so-subtle dig at Jarrod.

As Apollo Jackson made his debut on Bachelor in Paradise on Sunday night’s episode, we watched on in wonder.

Because from the moment he entered Mango Bay resort in Fiji, the whole show began falling to pieces. Contestants Simone Ormesher and Elora Murger started fighting over him, revealing each other’s secrets to the nation in the process.

And he, likely unintentionally, found himself stepping on Jarrod Woodgate’s toes. (Simone got very cosy with Apollo in a one-on-one date. And Keira Maguire said she would “probably kiss” Apollo, because – let’s face it – who wouldn’t?)

“Well don’t the girls start frothing,” Jarrod told the camera in a moment of bitterness.

But in a light-hearted interview with Sunday night’s The Project that aired before the show, 25-year-old Apollo seemingly added insult to injury.

He kept quiet about Simone and Elora’s spat, but he did throw a thinly-veiled jab at 32-year-old Jarrod.

“He was looking like a bit of a Fijian lobster,” he said, to much laughter from the crowd.

Was it about Jarrod’s sunburn? His jealousy? Both? We must know. 

Jarrod on Bachelor in Paradise.

Apollo also told the Channel 10 panel he was "nervous" arriving on the show and wasn't confident anyone would be interested in him.

Next minute... He has women apparently fighting over him, and Keira offering kisses.

"I was so nervous walking through anyway because I didn't know who was going to be there at that stage if there would be anyone remotely interested in me," he told The Project.

"It was a little later on the show, I thought there was going to be no drama... but I was a little bit wrong about the drama part."

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Meanwhile, neither Simone or Elora have reacted to their "X-rated" fight we witnessed on last night's episode.

Both posted to Instagram after the show aired, but only about their respective dates and with no acknowledgement of each other.

"I met a very special human on this adventure," Elora said after her date with contestant Eden Schwencke.

"Eden I wish you to find one that will love all of you because you deserve it. I know I've found a friend for life and I couldn’t be more grateful!"

And from Simone, there were two posts about her canoe date with Apollo, with the hashtag "hunk" and the words: "What a date though".