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The bizarre Instagram fight unfolding between Bachelor in Paradise's Davey and Leah Costa.


Happy Monday, all.

There are a lot of things going on in the world today – Israel Folau standing by his homophobic hate speech, federal election campaigning, Game of Thrones season 8 dropping  – but the story you really came here to find out more about is the bizarre Instagram fight unfolding between a current Bachelor in Paradise star and a… former Bachelor in Paradise star.

Over the weekend, it would appear Davey Lloyd, best known as the party boi from Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette and from being on last year’s Bachelor in Paradise, and Leah Costa, best known as the villain on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor and also from being on last year’s Bachelor in Paradise, had a bit of Instagram beef that would indicate the two definitely do not catch up and reminisce over their island days.

Yep, duck for cover, because shots have been fired in the comments section on Instagram.

The post in question came from Bachelor in Paradise’s Instagram account, where photos of Davey and fellow Bachelor in Paradise contestant Jules were uploaded congratulating them on their arrival in paradise.


Leah was the first to take a swing at her fellow former mango daiquiri drinker, writing, “Who is Davey going to awkwardly try and face rape for a rose this time?”

Davey responded to Leah’s comment, saying, “I guess not much has changed with you,” adding the hashtag #kook.

Rather than letting those words settle, Leah went in for a second jab.

“Nothings (sic) changed, still want authenticity in people. I’m guessing that you and Flo have rearranged to keep each other there and fake a relationship to drag out your 30 seconds of publicity (that is if you can lie and scramble to last until she gets there),” she commented, referring to fellow former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Florence Alexandra.

Then comes the final blow from Davey.

“Go back to being a toppo mate, surely that’s the only attention you get!” he said in reference to Leah having worked as a topless waitress before appearing on The Bachelor in 2017.

SHOTZ FIRED. Image: Instagram.
TAKE COVER. Image: Instagram.
OH SHIT. Image: Instagram.
PUT DOWN YOUR WEAPONS. Image: Instagram.

Then, in an even more bizarre turn of events, a random account with no profile picture by the name of jcla200 decided to chime in with their two cents' worth and call Davey out on his... height?

Next, in swooped none other than former Bachelor in Paradise star Flo, telling the fake account to eff off.

Wow. While we don't condone anything both Davey and Leah said to each other... how great is it when reality TV stars forget everyone can see what they write on social media?

Until the next episode of Bachelor in Paradise on Tuesday night.

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