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The one thing that brought Bachelor in Paradise's Megan and Jake back together for good.


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After last night’s bloody emotional Bachelor in Paradise finale, Australia went to bed thinking Bachelor in Paradise’s Jake Ellis and Megan Marx weren’t together anymore.

Kaput. Donezo. Finito.

Or so we thought.

But this morning, we woke up to find that, nope, Jake and Megan are still together. In fact, they’re off to Thailand for a romantic holiday, according to a sneaky Instagram comment from Jake.

Wait… what?

The last we saw of the couple who had an… interesting journey on the Fijian island of love and drama was Megan walking out of paradise without Jake. Because, commitment issues.

But according to Megan, all it took was one thing on the outside to help her realise she was finally ready to commit to being in a relationship with Jake for good.


“[I left Jake on the finale because] I didn’t think we were ready to make a commitment and when you do something like that on national TV and you’re still unsure… I was worried we would do that and come out of it, break up and get so much backlash. I really wanted to give us the time and the space to properly get to know each other,” the 29-year-old told Mamamia.

“But after the show, we stayed in contact and then a month after finishing filming, I went over to see him on the Gold Coast and it went from there. Things kind of slotted into place – obviously we met on a reality TV show and love blossomed on an island, and my concern was that, yes, it was fantastic and so much fun and I was so open to falling in love, but Jake and I needed more time.

“We needed more time to get to know each other and I think seeing someone in their natural environment can help if you’re unsure. And it definitely was nice to see him with his family and his friends, and in his life, and things progressed for me from there.”

Megan’s also conscious this isn’t her first high-profile relationship to come out of The Bachelor franchise. After meeting as fellow contestants on Richie Strahan’s 2016 season of The Bachelor, Megan dated Tiffany Scanlon for several months. Their relationship and breakup played out on Instagram – something Megan is keen to tone down this time around.

“Oh yes, definitely, for sure I’ve learnt from past mistakes and I want to keep things a lot quieter. We’ll still be posting every now and then, as normal people do, but we’ll definitely be keeping a lot more private once the show dies down,” she said.


“I’m so happy for us to settle down more and have some privacy.”

Side note – here’s a tribute to Bach in Paradise’s most important dating tool… the chat. Post continues after video.

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So to recap – yes, Jake and Megan are still together. And yes, they are going to Thailand. But what they’re not doing is buying a house with a white picket fence anytime soon.

“We’re going to Thailand tonight, we’re only gone for a couple of weeks, it was actually planned quite a while ago before we knew when the the show was going to air and it just so happened it’s the night after the finale, so it worked out perfectly.”

“But at the moment we’re not talking about [moving interstate] and are still taking it slow. I’m so slow with these kinds of things, honestly it’s like we’re 18. We want to go travelling and have fun together first, the idea of marriage and kids and all that kind of stuff is not on the cards.

“We’re taking more of a ‘real world pace’.”

Well said, Megan. And all the best to ya.

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