Calling all Bachelor fans: We have reason to believe that Davey and Tara are 'A Thing.'

The good people at Channel 10 have probably noticed that the internet is awash with a certain rival channel’s show about fake marriages and they’re not happy about it.

Given The Bachelor In Paradise is tipped to begin in weeks, this isn’t ideal.

So, I presume, a producer got on the phone to the only people in Australia who could fix the problem: The Bachelorette Season One’s Davey Lloyd and The Bachelor Season Five’s Tara Pavlovic.

You know, naturally.

“Get your arses on Instagram,” is how the phone call my imagination made up just now probably began. “We need something to cut through Dean’s sexist boys’ night, it is ratings gold.”

Davey and Tara knew just the trick. This:

Probably the only photo where we aren’t pulling a stupid face ????

A post shared by Davey Lloyd ⚡️ (@davey_lloyd) on


Let’s break it down.

Both unusually attractive homosapiens have been confirmed as contestants on the upcoming spin off, of which we’re yet to hear an official release date. There have been rumours floating around that the duo are dating after meeting on the show, because Tara shared a selfie of them together in February.


She labelled them “special friends” so, yes, the prospect of Davey and Tara being A Thing is indeed possible.

But. This is not the time to get ahead of ourselves. No it is not.

A selfie does not mean that Da-Ta (or Vey-Ra, or Ta-Da, or Taradav… or… never mind) have been hanging out regularly.

Upon closer inspection – AKA a glance at Instagram and the outfits they’re both wearing – it appears this image is simply one they took weeks ago, on the same day Tara posted her image last month.

Ahem. Here is my evidence:

Special friends ???? @davey_lloyd

A post shared by tarapavlovic (@tarapavlovic) on

So, what have we learned?

  1. Tara and Davey are “special friends” who like to take multiple selfies in a row.
  2. They have hung out on at least one occasion after filming wrapped.
  3. Social media is a very good tool for making everyone FREAK THE EFF OUT ABOUT A REALITY TV SHOW.
  4. This writer is included in point 3.
  5. We will all be watching The Bachelor In Paradise.

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