The Bachelor's Tara has just one regret about her time on the show.

Upon reflection of The Bachelor 2017 season that was, we have… many regrets.

The lies we told to get out of Wednesday and Thursday night social activities. Talking about the reality program as if it was real life and not a heavily edited TV dating show.

And just how emotionally invested we let ourselves get in Tara Pavlovic, when deep down, we knew it would be Laura standing at the end all along.

But for the audience favourite, who was brutally dumped by Matty before last week’s finale, there’s only one thing she’d change about her time in the mansion.

And no, it’s got nothing to do with being rejected by a guy she had been dating on national television.

If she were to have her time again (which by all accounts, she definitely won’t), the Gold Coast nanny said she’d have been more careful about confiding in the women in the house.

“My only regret would be trusting some of the other girls in the house who ended up making up rumours about me,” the 27-year-old told the Courier Mail of the fellow contestants she believes deliberately spread lies about her.

“They have taken the smallest thing and manipulated it just to bring me down.”

Speaking of trust, Tara also said the harsh editing of the most Aussie bloke we’ve ever seen on TV, a.k.a her brother Troy, cost the show’s producers any hopes they might’ve had for bringing her back on The Bachelorette in 2018.


“How they made my brother look on TV really upset me, and it was just really disappointing,” she told the Courier Mail.

“I had trust in the show and they made my brother look like a nasty person when he isn’t.”

Referring to the 100 per cent edited “LIAR” outburst in reaction to a now entirely warranted question about Matty’s intentions with his sister, Tara explained the real world impact the home towns episode had on her family.

“It was so clever how they cut it all and made Troy to be this awful rude person. It was upsetting for my family – [Troy] copped so much hate online and I had my 80-year-old grandma calling me, upset and asking why he did that,” she told NW.

“[Troy’s] so nice and he has been quite upset about it, and I feel guilty about he was dragged into that.”

Now the dust is settling on all The Bachelor drama, it’s time to brace yourselves for Sophie Monk’s The Bachelorette. Here’s hoping all the men are horribly boring – we’re not sure our hearts can handle anymore heartbreak.

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