A lengthy new trailer for 'Bachelor in Paradise' has dropped and HOLY MOLY.

Love. Heartache. And a proposal.

The latest trailer for Australia’s newest reality TV show Bachelor In Paradise has landed and it’s everything you ever hoped it could be. And more.

It aired during Wednesday’s The Project on Channel 10 and shows “all our favourite bachelors and bachelorettes” take a another shot at finding love.

There is Jarrod Woodgate who was left heartbroken by Sophie Monk on last year’s The Bachelorette. There is Apollo Jackson – the magician with the face – from the same season.

There is Keira Maguire who did her best to win over the 2016 bachelor Richie Strahan, while at the same time endearing herself to the nation by yelling ‘bed, bed, bed’ when things became too much.

Yes, Keira.
Yes, Keira.

Laurina Fleure and Lisa Hyde, from the 2014 competition to win Blake Garvey's heart (turned out later he didn't really have one), are also on deck.

So, too, is Florence Alexandra Sophia from Holland who we saw on Matty J's season of The Bachelor.

Other familiar faces include Ali Oetjen, Tara Pavlovic, Michael Turnbull, and Davey Lloyd.

Watch the full trailer in the video below. Post continues after.

Video by Channel 10

There are tropical beaches and waterfalls and Apollo spinning fire twirlers.

There is scandal - something involving a "love square", whatever that means.

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Keira becomes emotional at one point - a far cry from her typically tough exterior - telling the camera: "I am kind of thinking what's wrong with me I just want someone to love me for me".

And ultimately, there is a wedding proposal.

We can't wait to see how when, who and why. All will be revealed, with Osher of course at the helm, when the series launches on Network 10 later in 2018.