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Where are they now? The runners-up of every single Bachelor and Bachelorette season.

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It’s that time of the year again.

The time where The Bachelor aka Matt Agnew will whisk his final two to South Africa, before picking just one to spend his life with or um, dump ASAP to get back with a previous contestant à la Blake Garvey.

Before we embark on this journey, we thought we should find out what all the runners-up from all seasons of both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have been up to, and remember what they went through.

Hopefully, they got over their heartbreak quicker than we did.

The Bachelor

Season One – Rochelle Emanuel-Smith


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In 2013, we had our first Aussie taste of the international franchise. We didn’t realise we’d be so devastated when Tim Robards chose Anna Heinrich, not because Anna isn’t amazing, but just because we were so unprepared for the brutal nature of the decision Tim had to make.

And neither was a gracious, but very sad, Rochelle.

Luckily, a glance at her Instagram shows she’s been living her best life ever since, thank you very much.


After the show, she spent time modelling in London. Now she’s into veganism and yoga, and she’s also been studying at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Season Two – Lisa Hyde


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Who could forget 2014 season two’s bachelor, Blake Harvey? Super smooth, even when he rejected winner Sam Frost without explanation, weeks after the show finished filming.

After that, there was the general consensus that Lisa had dodged a bullet, and looking at her life now, she’d most definitely agree.

Work-wise, she created a sunglasses range. Personally, after an appearance in the first season of Bachelor in Paradise, she found love with partner Damon Collina, and just this month, the couple welcomed baby daughter, Myja.

Season Three – Lana Jeavons-Fellows


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Lana had her work cut out for her in 2015 when she was introduced into Sam Woods’ season as an intruder, but she managed to make it all the way to runner-up, losing only to the incredible (and unbeatable) single mum powerhouse, Snezana Markoski (now Wood).

(Sorry, we’re just a little bit biased, here.)

It was clear that Lana expected and hoped to win, but alas, it wasn’t to be. For months afterwards, she did interviews explaining her heartbreak.

Fast forward a few years, Lana seems to be all set with almost 43,000 followers on Instagram, and all the influencer work and endorsements that entails.

She’s also a professional yoga teacher, and has happily been with partner Jake for about three years.

Season Four – Nikki Gogan


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Oh, this decision by bachelor Richie Strahan in 2016 broke the nation’s collective heart.

Super sweet Nikki was a fan favourite from the start, and the whole country wanted a win for her so badly.

Of course, she was gracious in her defeat; while audiences reeled from Richie’s first choice of Alex Nation (and had thoughts about the dress she was wearing in the finale).

Nikki returned to Perth and her life as a real estate agent. Last year, she announced that she was engaged to partner, Bill.

Season Five – Elise Stacey


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The runner-up in 2017’s season with Matty Johnson, Elise – a former Hockeyroo – had flown under the radar until about mid-way through, when she became a real contender with Laura Byrne.


In true, understated and graceful Elise style, she took the rejection at the final rose ceremony, well – but was very disappointed in her heart.

These days, Elise runs a company which sells ‘gift bundles’ (Something Els), and has seemed to find love with partner Justin Kosmina, the son of former Adelaide United coach John Kosmina.

Season Six – Sophie Tieman and Brittany Hockley


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Just when we were getting over the drama with Blake Garvey (who ended up with his second runner-up Louise Pillidge for a while), 2018 brought us The Honeybadger.

Yes, Nick Cummins season will go down in history as having the most incredible Bachelor ending ever, with him deciding to not choose either Sophie or Brittany.

It was shocking result for the audience, and devastating for the women – although, they later acknowledged that the experience bonded them to each other for life.


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Sophie is now all about the influencer life, with almost 125,000 followers on Instagram, and has recently started a YouTube channel.

Brittany calls herself a “traveller and creative”, and is working for Beautiful Minds – an organisation helping teenagers – as a presenter.

The Bachelorette

Season One – Michael Turnbull


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In 2015, we fell in love with Australia’s first Bachelorette, Sam Frost, who most certainly deserved to find love after her disaster season with Blake.

Michael, a former professional footballer, seemed to be everything Sam was looking for – dashing and polite – but Sasha Mielczarek stole her heart (for a year or so, anyway).

Michael recovered quickly, and a few months after filming announced he was dating a single mother, Katrina Vincent – even doing a magazine photoshoot with her two-year-old daughter, Ava.

Only a fortnight later, Katrina posted that Michael had told her he no longer wanted to be with someone who already had a child. Ouch.

Earlier this year, the now real estate agent and Bachelor in Paradise 2018 contestant, split with fiancée Natasha Candyce.

Season Two – Matty Johnson


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Oh gosh.

Do you remember that moment when fan favourite Matty J literally crumbled in half by the light of a rooftop swimming pool, when he was rejected by Georgia Love in 2016?

Yes, he lost out to Lee Elliot, but like a trooper, the devastated man managed to move on and open himself to love again.

One of the sweetest contenders we’ve seen on the shows became The Bachelor the following year, and found the love of his life in jewellery maker Laura Byrne.

Just last month, the happy couple welcomed baby Marlie-Mae Rose, and seem in love more than ever.

How good is a happy ending?

Season Three – Jarrod Woodgate


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We met Jarrod in Sophie Monk’s 2017 season and found him a little curious at first.

Remember the twin pot plants he got to symbolise Sophie and his growing love?

As the season continued, we could see that Jarrod was attentive, and very into Sophie, which is why he made it all the final two, losing out to seemingly more of a sure thing, Stu Laundy.

But it was the way Jarrod handled the rejection that impressed audiences the most. While we thought he would be a little intense about it, he was super respectful of Sophie’s decision.


Last year, Jarrod met Keira Maguire on Bachelor in Paradise, and quickly fell in love. But things haven’t been straightforward. The couple moved in together when filming ended, and split in August 2018.

They reunited in January this year, but are rumoured to have separated again.


Season Four – Todd King


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Sales representative Todd seemed to be the perfect guy for Ali Oetjen in 2018 – respectful, and interesting…and, yes, pleasant on the eye.

But sadly, he couldn’t beat the chemistry Ali had with Taite Radley.

Todd was rumoured for a time to be this year’s Bachelor, but it was announced that Matt Agnew would take that role.

On Instagram these days, Todd, who appears to be single, describes himself as a “Dog Dad” and that he enjoys hiking.

The Bachelor Australia begins Wednesday July 31 at 7.30pm on channel 10.

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