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Everything we know about the rumour Matt Agnew 'does a Blake Garvey' and dumps Chelsie after the finale.

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There’s a rumour going around that Matt Agnew does a Blake Garvey after The Bachelor finale and we need to unpack this immediately.

Allow us to cast your mind back to 2014 when we watched Blake propose to Sam Frost in the finale… only to dump her after the show for third runner up Louise Pillidge.

It was a lot. But now apparently, we’re in for a bit of déjà vu.

Here’s a snippet of Abbie’s hometown visit with Matt. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

New Idea is reporting that Chelsie McLeod, who has long been the front runner for Matt’s heart, is “distancing herself from the franchise” and “refusing to do interviews”.

An insider told the magazine Chelsie had been turning down recent media appearances and was “really down”.

Chelsie is the bookmaker’s pick for the winner, and we at Mamamia also think it’s pretty likely.

The chemical engineer lives a 10 minute walk away from the astrophysicist in Melbourne, is in the middle of the top three photo (which is usually a pretty accurate giveaway), and all of the dumped former contestants have given her the green flag.

Matt's final three. Image: Ten.

New Idea suggests she does indeed win, but the romance has since fizzled.

"Since the finale, everyone has heard there’s been problem after problem – they were just not seeing eye-to-eye on anything and didn’t have any chemistry. Once the cameras stopped rolling, the sparkle just wore off,” the insider revealed.

Daily Mail is reporting they are also aware of rumours that Matt has quietly split from Chelsie and is now dating runner up Abbie.

As far as we can see, Chelsie still appears to be sticking to her contractual obligations. She's been regularly posting Bachelor content on her socials, and was recently quoted in TV Week and NW Magazine.


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Showing Matt how to escape a room (of McLeod’s) @thebachelorau #TheBachelorAU 7:30pm channel 10

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But while we might be able to poke holes in that particular side of the rumour, there are multiple sites running with speculation of the Blake Garvey repeat.

More weight was added to the rumour when Matt appeared on Ten's quiz show Have You Been Paying Attention? 

When he was asked, "Are you in a relationship?" Matt replied with a very vague "I am! With someone from the show".

It's the most aloof answer he could possibly give, and it's the puzzle piece that has us thinking these rumours might in fact, be true.


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Do you guys reckon my love language is physical touch or nah? #thebachelorau

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According to the leak in the New Idea article, Abbie went to Melbourne after the finale [finished filming] and since then she has started to behave really strangely.

"She's secretly confessed to the other girls that she has a man, but she keeps saying that while she wishes she could tell them more she just can't," their insider said.


To add even more fuel to the rumour, Abbie was seen boarding a flight to Perth on Friday, with Matt already in the WA capital according to his socials.


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Yo, listen up, here’s a story ... #bluehishouse #imblue #dabadee #bulkfilters #perth

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We should also throw into the mix that Perth is Helena's hometown, but given her disastrous hometown visit where she 'broke up' with Matt for not remembering her red carpet entrance - the 25-year-old's no longer being considered a frontrunner by fans.

Thankfully, we'll be put out of our misery soon with all to be revealed in The Bachelor finale on Thursday night.

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