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The one clause that makes it wildly clear why you shouldn’t go on The Bachelor.

Warner Bros. are currently looking for contestants for next year’s season of The Bachelor and uh, if you’re single and fancy finding love (and Insta followers) on a TV show, we are here to warn you: Don’t.

Besides the fact that the application process is pretty weird (It asks: “when did you last cry and why?” and questions if you’re afraid of heights – presumably so they can exploit this and send you bungy jumping), we’ve also trawled through the terms and conditions contestants must agree to in order to appear on the show and it is a bit… problematic.

Just in case you were not convinced appearing on the Bachelor was like signing your life away, we present Clause 15:

the bachelor terms and conditions

Now, we must say we enjoy that they use "exploit" and "exploiting" throughout this clause. It is very self-aware.

The clause states that contestants must "acknowledge that the Producer may edit or adapt such footage in any way it sees fit."

Yes. Well.

This line says everything about why you shouldn't apply for a show like this.

It means they can manipulate any footage - maybe by removing a crucial part or airing it out of context - to make you look a certain way. And because this is reality TV, it's unlikely to make you look better.

You're agreeing to producers casting you as a villain, or replaying something you said over and over to make you look like a 'stage-five clinger' a la Cass Wood.

Sidenote: We may not want to be on The Bachelor but we sure as heck enjoy watching it. Post continues below video.

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Plenty of past Bachie contestants have complained about getting a rough edit.

Emily Simms, from Sam Wood's season, has spoken often about being type-cast as the villain and regularly criticised producers on Instagram as the show aired.

"Reality shows decide the "characters" for each of us before they even start filming. This is well known about reality TV. So for my funny, joking, laughing at myself, silly side, to not be shown at all, is really very upsetting to me," she wrote in a 2015 post.

And Cass Wood, from Nick Cummins' disaster of a season, also claimed her portrayal was inaccurate.

"It is crazy," she told The Daily Telegraph in August.

"“It is not a true portrayal of me and what people are saying that I am a stage five clinger and a stalker. It is nasty and untrue."

So. We think that 110% should convince you to find love some other way - but if not, here are a few other T&Cs that made us go 'WTF'.

bachelor terms and conditions
There are different age requirements for men and women... Why.
bachelor terms and conditions
Nah, you can't tell your mum about the intrusive questions they asked you.
bachelor terms and conditions
That's me out. :(

If you're single and looking for love, maybe re-download Tinder or something.

The Bachelor is... just not a good idea.

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