5 thought-provoking shows to binge after watching Baby Reindeer on Netflix.

It's official: Baby Reindeer has taken Netflix and the world by storm.

In a way, we've all been baby reindeered. Look no further than the online sleuths trying to tirelessly track down the real people who inspired the series.

The autobiographical limited series from the mind of comedian Richard Gadd follows Donny, played by Gadd, as he struggles with being stalked by Martha (played masterfully by Jessica Gunning) while grappling with his past experiences with sexual assault and grooming. 

The seven-part series has been an unprecedented success. Baby Reindeer is expected to become one of Netflix’s most-watched shows of all time, raking in 56.5 million views in its first 26 days of streaming.

So now that you've likely inhaled this groundbreaking series, what next? Never fear, we've rounded up some similar thought-provoking shows to fill the Baby Reindeer-shaped hole in your life (and empty TV schedule).

Feel Good.

Image: Netflix. 


As soon as I started watching Baby Reindeer, this series came to mind. It stars and was co-written by comedian Mae Martin who plays the role of, well... Mae. In the two-season series, Mae starts a romance with George, played by You star Charlotte Richie, after they meet at a comedy club in Manchester. 

Mae and George experience the ups and downs of a new relationship while navigating George embracing her sexuality, along with Mae's history of addiction and a tendency to over-romanticise. 

You can stream Feel Good on Netflix.

Listen to The Spill hosts discuss the real-life fallout from Netflix's Baby Reindeer. 

I May Destroy You.  

Image: Binge. 


Upon its release, many called this limited series a masterpiece. These people would be correct. 

Like Baby Reindeer, it's extremely confronting viewing so proceed with caution, but the limited series will also stay with you for years after you've finished bingeing... likely in one sitting because it's truly enthralling viewing. 

I May Destroy You is a British black comedy-drama created, written, co-directed, and executive produced by Michaela Coel. Set in London with a predominantly Black British cast, the episodes follow young writer Arabella who grapples with the emotional stages of trauma after being raped.

You can stream I May Destroy You on Binge.


Image: Stan. 


Baby Reindeer is known for its uncomfortable and unflinching moments, but Pure does this on a whole other level.

Based on the book of the same name by Rose Cartwright, Pure stars Charly Clive as a young woman named Marnie. Along with having obsessive-compulsive disorder, Marnie is plagued by intrusive thoughts of a graphic and sexual nature. And yep, these imaginings play out in the series. 

After Marnie reaches a breaking point, she starts a new life in London, which comes with it a new bunch of challenges and opportunities. 

You can stream Pure on Stan.


Image: Prime Video. 


If you haven't seen Fleabag, you've heard of it. And yes, it's worth the hype. 

Adapted from Phoebe Waller-Bridge's award-winning play, the series stars Waller-Bridge as a young woman who struggles to cope with the life decisions she made leading up to the death of her best friend. Giving up on life, Fleabag works at a guinea-pig-themed café, and fills her days with meaningless (albeit hilarious) sex and self-sabotage. 

Season one is incredible but season two is absolutely divine... in more ways than one, Andrew Scott's Hot Priest, I'm looking at you.  

You can stream Fleabag on Prime Video. 


Image: Netflix. 


This is the only show on the list that isn't based in the UK, but it does capture the tense mood of Baby Reindeer more than any other. The American comedy-drama miniseries comes from Korean-American director Lee Sung Jin and stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in some of the best work of their impressive careers. 

The actors play two strangers whose lives become entangled after they meet during a road rage incident which turns into a feud that seemingly never ends. It's fresh, it's funny, it's rather stressful — five stars. 

You can stream BEEF on Netflix.

Happy bingeing, folks!

Feature image: Netflix/Prime Video. 

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