ASOS have released a pair of see-through pants... we have 5 questions pls.

Move over clit hammock swimwear, there’s a new fashion trend on the streets – and we’re just as, if not more, confused.

You see, ASOS have released a pair of see through pants by Flounce London.

ASOS pants

We have five questions...

Side note: Please feel free to re-visit said "clit hammock" here. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

1. Um,WHY?

But seriously, who in their right mind is doing an ASOS scroll, sees these pants and thinks YES! Exactly what I have been looking for - add to bag.

What is their purpose? Are they for the beach? The street? Da club? We are just so confused.

The description ASOS gives next to said pants reads; "some days call for a little extra."

Erm, ASOS - which days pls?

2. Are they for wet weather?

Ah, perhaps they are rain-pants. No? Is that what they're for? So you don't get wet?

But they're made from "sheer organza." Ok...NOW WE'RE CONFUSED AGAIN.

3.Why are they called combat pants?

If you google search combat pants, what you are presented with could be aptly described as "army pants" know...pants one might wear... in combat.

Cast your mind back to the noughties. They were all the rage.

Exhibit A:

Avril, 2002, wearing combat pants. Note that they look like pants one might combat.


combat ASOS

4.Why do they cost $80?

For a fancy dress lewk, we MIGHT consider exchanging a $20 for these. Key word: might.

But how and why does something that's see-through cost $80?

BRB. Must google.

Ok, so we've found out that "organza" is often made from silk, which would explain said price tag. However, these organza pants are made from polyester, aka fake silk.

At least if they spent the money on raincoat material we could validate spending $80 on a practical garment?

Clutching at straws here...

5.Why are there pockets?

It's see through....what are you putting in see through pockets? Lipgloss? Mobile phone? What if you need to discreetly hide sanitary items?

Ok....we feel weird. And we still don't get it.

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