Ariana Grande lowers ponytail for the first time in 5 years. Internet explodes.

Ariana Grande’s high ponytail is what one would call a ‘signature look’.

It’s height, length and volume are the stuff of legends.

Rarely seen without one perfectly plonked on the top of her head, the 24-year-old singer has been wearing a high ponytail – or a half-up high ponytail – for the last five years.

Maybe even longer. Some have suggested she came straight out of the womb with the sleek updo.


But in very important celebrity hair news you don't need to know but want to anyway, the Grammy winner has lowered her ponytail.

We repeat. The eagle has lowered its ponytail.

Put simply, Ariana shared photos on her Twitter and Instagram accounts this week of the cover of her new single 'No Tears Left To Cry' wearing her hair in a low ponytail. A platinum blonde low ponytail.


She first debuted this look with partner Mac Miller at an Oscars after party, and again on stage at March For Our Lives 2018 in March.

Hence, all signs point to the end of the Ariana Grande high ponytail.

Rapper Mac Miller and singer Ariana Grande
Ariana's low pony on a date with Mac Miller. Images: Getty.
ariana grande march for our livesariana grande march for our lives
ariana grande march for our lives
And Ariana's low pony singing it out at the March For Our Lives march.

And gee, fans aren't coping.

Both with the thought of losing the Ariana Grande high ponytail forever, and how incredible her new low ponytail looks.


One woman was also confused as to how she makes this low ponytail look so damn good.

Honestly, we're confused too. Now, excuse us while we Google 'Ariana Grande low ponytail tutorial'.

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