A mum was asked to give her daughter a 'half-up ponytail'. She failed magnificently.

If there’s one thing mums from around the world can relate to – it’s hair-styling bloopers.

Every mum has at some stage tried – and failed – to recreate a complicated hairstyle at their daughter’s request.

But some of us even struggle with the basics.

Hanna De Castro, from Houston in the US, recently shared her own mum’s hairdressing fail on Twitter.

As De Castro explains in her post, her mum was told to give her a half up half down hairstyle for her dance headshot, and her mum successfully pulled it off … she just, well, put the wrong half up.

Instead of putting the top half of her hair in a ponytail, Hanna’s mum put the right side in a ponytail and left the other side hanging, and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

Hanna’s original post has already been liked 200,000 times and over 55,000 people have shared it.

Of course, the internet could totally relate to both Hanna’s embarrassing hair moment and her mum’s confusion – because no one specified which half, did they?


While others shared proof of their own hairtastrophes.



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Ah, the elusive half-up ponytail. We’ve all been there.

Have you had any hair disasters? Tell us about them in the comments below. 

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