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An ode to Ivan and Aleks: The MAFS couple we never expected to love this much.

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From the cheating scandal to the toothbrush incident, this season of MAFS has been full of… surprises. But nothing has surprised us more than the enigma that is Ivan and Aleks.

You see, when we first met Ivan and Aleks four weeks ago it was clear they were, well, the dud couple. The couple the experts threw into the mix for some laughs and potential drama, with no real chance of working out.

At the time, Ivan didn’t quite know how to pronounce his own name and was hellbent on making sure his mum didn’t embarrass him on national television.

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And then of course, there was the whole paper bag incident, where Ivan was given a bag of mysterious white powder by his groomsmen before his wedding After that, the nation confidently labelled him the oddball of the season.

But then something happened. For reasons that are still unclear to us, Ivan and Aleks seemed to really hit it off – confusing precisely everyone.

In a matter of weeks, we saw an awkward man – who doesn’t like wearing socks with his shoes – blossom into a pretty decent (fake) husband.

And despite his quirky nature, inability to dress himself and that disturbing kiss we’re still trying to scrub from our memories, we’ve actually come to like Ivan. A lot. 

Ivan and Aleks mafs
We still feel... queasy. Image: Nine.

In fact, Ivan and Aleks are actually pretty darn cute together.

Like that time when Aleks sang with Ivan and his mum at their wedding to help him overcome his life-long embarrassment of his mother. Very cute. 

Alex and Ivan
This is what support looks like. Image: Nine.

Or during their honeymoon, when Ivan was fixated on getting his phone back after dropping it in the car. For any other couple on the show, it would have easily caused a huge fight which would be turned into a full-episode saga. But Aleks helped Ivan find the funny side of the situation and the paired ended up just laughing it off.

Ivan and Aleks mafs
Ivan lost his phone 2.5 seconds into the honeymoon. Image: Nine.

Oh and despite that one weird confrontation with Hayley, they've managed to survive a number of messy MAFS dinner parties relatively unscathed.

We just can't explain it. But they weirdly... work. And we secretly love it.

It's true, all our hopes used to rest on Connie and Jonethen's shoulders, but now Ivan and Aleks appear to be the only couple left that have any chance of working out. So naturally, we must protect them at all costs.

And yes, we know there are rumours going around that Ivan and Aleks don't stay together beyond the show. We've seen the not-so-positive comments Aleks and Stacey left on an Instagram photo of them out with their husbands. But we still hope they work out anyway.


And we're not the only ones who hope so too. Here's how Australia has reacted to Ivan and Aleks' confusing yet wholesome relationship.






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Feature Image: Nine. 

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