LEIGH CAMPBELL: My controversial view on whether or not you should get a facial.

Yes, you. I am talking about you.

Do you get facials? How often? Oh, I see. Okay, well what I am about to say is going to shock you.

I think the majority of women shouldn't bother getting facials.

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WHOA. I know. Massive, right? But hear me out.

How much is a facial? Yes, I know that’s like asking how long is a piece of string...but let’s say ballpark figure is anywhere from $100 to $300 dollars. That’s a lot of money.

And this is the thing about facials. I’m of the belief that you need to have them regularly for them to be worth it. It’s akin to going to the gym - working out once does not make you fit (which is a crying shame, I wish it did). The same can be said for facials - one treatment isn't going to give you amazing skin.

Bummer, huh.

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It’s best practice to get facials regularly - say, every six weeks - to see results, because they’re cumulative. This really rings true for treating any sort of concern, like melasma, or acne, or scarring. It takes time and repeat effort to rectify these things visually.

There’s caveats to this, of course. If you have some spare pocket money and really enjoy a relaxing hour of facial massage, go for it. Or if you’re going somewhere fancy and want to capitalise on the temporary glow you get from a facial, do it! (I’d advise having it three days before said event).


And absolutely, if you have the money to go every few months, enjoy it (and take me with you?) But other than that, one-off facials aren't really worth the money if you ask me. Go frequent or go home, or so the saying goes.

You’re better off spending that same cash on a good quality, at-home skincare routine you’re going to do diligently every morning and night. That’ll get your skin in better shape in the long term than any one treatment can.

A daily regime of cleansing, a targeted serum to treat any skin concerns (for me personally it's about lessening the appearance of fine lines), a dose of hydration (a facial oil or moisturiser) and SPF 50+ is going to set you up for a healthy, glowy complexion every day, rather than the glow from a facial that only lasts a few days.

Add to that a weekly treatment product or two, to exfoliate away dead skin cells and clear out pores, or a deeply hydrating mask to give your skin a big drink, and you've got yourself a lovely little holistic skincare routine. 


As for what to actually go for when you've occasionally got the time and cash to visit a salon? I’d prefer to spend my money on an indulgent body scrub or back massage, instead.

But I want to hear your thoughts! Have you had a one-off facial that changed the trajectory of your life/skin forever? Come chat in the Facebook group and tell me all about it!

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