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angela7 January 11, 2021

I’d like to know if you medicate? My son has adhd and asd and the medication works brilliantly he has no issues at school and is easier than his sister at home! As a teacher I’m pretty frustrated with parents who won’t medicate, there are years of evidence supporting the safety of the medications. You quite simply see their child not learning because of their misinformed notion that they shouldn’t be medicating, their child’s behaviour affects their own learning and the learning of others.

angela7 November 30, 2020

Something not right here! If I was your husband I’d be out of there!

angela7 October 27, 2020

I had dreadful shakes after long labour then emergency c section and no one bothered to tell me why and as I couldn’t talk I was completely freaked out! It went on for hours afterwards, so bad I slept with a blanket in my mouth as I was scared I was going to bite my tongue off. 

angela7 October 27, 2020

I’m surprised you even talk to him! PTSD is not an excuse for abuse

angela7 October 27, 2020

This makes me so angry.

angela7 October 20, 2020

‘Impersonated people you didn’t like at school‘-  you had me until this comment

angela7 October 20, 2020

Totally agree, the products have to agree with your skin too and if they don’t it can be irritate it more. I only go once a year and have a nice scrub, body wrap and massage. Bliss!

angela7 October 15, 2020

@msd sorry to hear that, what is it they do, could you explain further?

angela7 October 11, 2020

Good to see Paula’s choice included here, her stuff is amazing and well priced. Saved my skin! I didn’t have acne but if you do, you need to try her range.

angela7 October 1, 2020

Yes but do they take a photo of themselves crying and post to social media? It was the last thing on my mind at that moment.

angela7 September 30, 2020

It’s terrible, but do we need to be taking photos of ourselves crying in these circumstances to share with the world?

angela7 September 10, 2020

@michael he might have done though, the way he was behaving lucky he didn’t!

angela7 September 4, 2020

So sorry for your loss, I have a sister too and we would definitely have a laugh in death just as we did in life.

angela7 August 27, 2020

Is this a joke? I hope so

angela7 August 27, 2020

Pete looks a little pink- sunburnt?

angela7 August 27, 2020

It’s always made me feel uncomfortable, I don’t see the point. 

What statues?

angela7 August 24, 2020

I was a good teacher before I had kids, but I feel I have more empathy for the families now I have my own. 

angela7 August 23, 2020

Unbelievable, so sorry for those two men.

angela7 August 21, 2020

I disagree, it was not her place to tell him and I would have ditched her as a friend immediately. I don’t agree with what you did but it is not her business and she was your friend not his. 

angela7 August 8, 2020

Good article, very perceptive

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