Moments after leaving I'm A Celebrity, Anthony Mundine made his most homophobic remarks yet.

When boxer Anthony Mundine, 42, became the second contestant to quit I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in as many weeks, Australia breathed a sigh of relief.

Maybe, just maybe, viewers thought, we would be given a rest from his homophobic and misogynistic views and go back to enjoying footage of celebrities sleeping in the open air, eating bug guts and walking on high tightropes.

But, within moments of the professional boxer and former rugby league player leaving the camp, he was making some of his most controversial statements yet, appearing to support the use of the death penalty to “deter homosexuality”.

Anthony Mundine homophobic comments
Image via Channel 10.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph in a filmed interview just moments after leaving the camp, Mundine was asked to respond to the controversy surrounding the comments he made upon entering the South African jungle, when he stated homosexuality was "confusing to society" and "unnatural".

"I don't care if you are gay or not, it doesn't worry me because the creator will judge you later," he told reporter Jonathon Moran.

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He said he had been brought up in a culture where homosexuality was forbidden.

"I beleive it's a choice, everything is a choice," he said, before adding that "if you are going to be gay, do it behind closed doors, that is how it used to be."

"If we were to live in a society, just like in Aboriginal culture, that homosexuality is forbidden and you do it and the consequences are capital punishment or death, you think you are going to do it? Or think twice about doing it? Hell no.

"That's the only way to deter the problem... they're not going to be happy until they have primary school kids being gay."

anthony mundine I'm A celebrity
Anthony is the second celeb to quit the show in as many weeks. Image via Channel 10.

Mundine went on to add he did not believe homosexuals - either actors or as characters on screen - should be allowed on television as he believed it would "influence children to become gay".

Fans have reacted to his latest comments, with many expressing relief he and his out-dated beliefs are off their screens.

"'I come in here to let people see the real Anthony Mundine... to know who I really am as a man'. Mission accomplished," one fan wrote on Twitter.


"I previously thought he was just a harmless, immodest braggart. I now know he's actually a bigot and extreme homophobe."

"I think you have been hit too many times in the head @Anthony_Mundine it probably explains your uninformed puerile bigotry," another added.

Tim Campbell, the husband of I'm A Celebrity season two contestant Anthony Callea, shared a string of tweets about Mundine's latest statements.



Others described him as a "homophobic lunatic" and a "low life" and called for Channel 10 to apologise for giving the athlete a "platform to promote his deeply homophobic views from".

Mundine has already been criticised for the comments he made towards his female campmates during his first moments on the reality TV show.

Relaxing in the camp, he told his fellow female contestants, "I just kick back and relax while women cook and clean. That is my attitude."