Just a list of all the misogynistic tripe that has been said on TV in the last 48 hours.

Ah, there’s nothing like reality TV to remind you that Australia really is home to some epic jerks.

Let’s walk through all of the frankly absurd statements that have been made on national television in the last 48 hours, shall we?

Hold my ovaries.

Anthony Mundine

You, sir, can hop in the bin. (Image: Channel 10)

Mundine is the quintessential misogo.

In 2007, we were blessed with his opinion that "a man can only lead" because women are stupid and have inconvenient uteruses etc. Women be dumb. Women make baby. Women no lead.


Mundine likes to pretend that people refer to him as 'The Man Mundine' but... no. Judging by every article written about him ever, the 42-year-old's actual nickname is "the most polarising athlete in Australian sports history". I can't for the life of me figure out why.

Another way Mundine refers to himself is “probably the best athlete you’ll ever see” which is weird because he really doesn't look like Roger Federer.

Here's the bullshit that has exited his mouth since being on Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here for 0.00034 seconds:

  1. For his introductory spiel to the camera, Mundine said: “I should have been born in the ’40s and ’50s, that era and their traits and beliefs back then. The men were the men and the women were the women, not the men trying to be the women and the women trying to the men."
  2. Moments before entering the jungle in South Africa, he told a Fairfax journalist about how baffling homosexuality is: “I was always taught that two genders together is natural; it’s what’s meant to be. Male and male, or female and female, is just confusing to society.”
  3. On his first night in the camp, he informed the female contestants: “I just kick back and relax while women cook and clean. That is my attitude." 

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I hate you.

That douchebag from Married At First Sight

You too, buddy. Hop in. (Image: Channel 9)

Dean. I've been informed his name is Dean.

Channel Nine's "relationship experts" (Are we still calling them that? Haven't they proven over three seasons that they the actual worst at this?) dubbed Dean as a "stubborn alpha male", which is really just codeword for "stubborn douchebag misogynist", but sure!

Listen: Clare and Jessie Stephens debrief on the biggest talking points from last night's Married At First Sight, including the moment Dean referred to his bride's breasts as her 'chestal area'.

It appears Douchebag Dean from Sydney was the cream of the crop from the show's 5000 applicants. He was simply the best, okay?! Ratings had absolutely nothing to do with this! Nothing!

Here is his misogo highlight reel from episode one:

  1. For his introduction to Australia, Douchebag Dean said: “It’s hard to say without sounding sexist or something, but I like a girl that is a girl and is girlie and knows that I’m the man and that I’m in charge." (That? Sounding "sexist or something"? NEVER! You sound molto progressivo, buddy.)
  2. His list of the very important, spiritual traits that make a woman an ideal life partner: "My perfect wife would be tall, beautiful, brunette, definitely like a slim girl and loving your makeup and your nice shoes. That's what women are all about and that's what us men are attracted to."
  3. Because women are evil seductresses who distract men from the important task of man-ing and manly manhood stuff: “A lot of guys are just afraid to be men now, and are getting whipped by their women. I don’t agree with that, and I don’t know why it’s happened.”
  4. On his penis and testicles' magical qualities: "In a relationship I feel like I need to be the leader 'cos I'm the man. I've got no problem being the man; I like to be in charge of what we do in our life."
  5. On his goddamn right to stare directly at a woman's breasts: "I'm not going to lie, I kept looking down to her chestal (sic) area and yeah, that's just another bonus really... I couldn't help it, I'm a man and it's just natural."

So are we all on the same page? People with penises are LEADERS and those with fallopian tubes are STUPID but we LIKE LOOKING AT THEIR CHESTAL AREAS.