A car accident left Chloe bruised and broken. But her eyebrows remained perfect.

When US-based musician Chloe was hit by a car, the accident left her with multiple broken bones and “blood everywhere”. But after all that, her eyebrows were still perfect, and she owes it to one product.

Raving about the eyebrow pencil on the brand’s website, the musician credits her flawless brows to Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($38), an “ultra-slim, retractable pencil” that promises to give natural-looking texture with clearly very long-lasting results.

“I was hit by a car while out on a run. I walked away with multiple broken bones, a broken nose, blood everywhere, annnd perfect eyebrows. if you are considering getting this product, BUY IT,” she wrote on Anastasia’s website.

Although she initially left her review in September 2018, her comments were picked up by Twitter account @MiriamMayne on November 15, and subsequently went viral with 252 comments, 46,000 re-tweets and 135,000 likes.


However, if you’re still not persuaded by the pencil’s magical abilities, other women have also shared their post-accident, perfect brows and the – slightly alarming – results speak for themselves.



Responding to the media attention, Chloe later shared on her Instagram account (@chloeoliviamusic) that she initially shared her photos in hopes of getting sent “free product” for the extreme circumstances in which she obtained her review and to be honest, fair… we admire her extreme candour and transparency.


“I posted a review on the @anastasiabeverlyhills website two months ago after the accident. I though it was pretty funny, and I was thinking maybe I’d be sent free product for such an extreme and jocular review. Someone found it while looking at the product and posted it to Twitter, thinking it was hilarious… and it has received a lot of buzz,” she wrote.

“Anyway, the product is fantastic… it really did stay through the accident and surgery… so I genuinely fully recommend it hahaha.”

If you want to try out Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz pencil, and we’d 100 per cent recommend it, it’ll set you back $38 from Sephora, but it’ll have your brows literally covered in any situation.

Now, can someone please give Chloe some free eyebrow pencils , because we have been #influenced.

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