CULT BUY: The $4.10 product that gives your brows the perfect little boost.

Brow gel is having a moment and you need to be paying attention.

The hair that rests above your eyes is becoming more essential to groom than ever and this $4.10 gel is precisely what your beauty arsenal needs.

It’s officially the ultimate taming product that – thank goodness – doesn’t apply like clag glue.

Dearly beloved, I’d like to proudly introduce Essence’s Clear Brow and Lash Gel.

Before this product, I never fully understood the term “eyebrow gel” and it’s important that I share why you need it in your life immediately.

The brow gel of the century.

When it comes to your brows, a low maintenance product that requires zero fuss, like a clear gel, is a win-win. This little hero just requires one stroke in the morning to have all day volume, and guarantees your tiny hairs won't budge out of place.


This stuff lasts forever and you only need a little bit with each application to have your brows standing to attention.

The bottle holds 9ml, and months later I'm starting to believe mine will just never run out.

The $4.10 money shot (thank you Essence)

Best part about this gel being clear is it doesn’t discriminate - whatever colour brow you have, it will provide the oomph you're after.

You can buy Essence's Lash and Brow Gel at Priceline stores, or right here.

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