If you've gone through IVF, Amy Schumer wants you to call her.

Currently a week into in vitro fertilisation (IVF), Amy Schumer is welcoming other women who’ve gone through the process to get in contact with her.

Sharing her request on Instagram, the I Feel Pretty actress posted a photo of her bare stomach marked with bruises from her fertility treatment shots.

“I’m a week into IVF and feeling really run down and emotional,” she wrote in the caption. “If anyone went through it and if you have any advice or wouldn’t mind sharing your experience with me please do. My number is in my bio.

“We are freezing my eggs and figuring out what to do to give Gene a sibling.”

As promised, her phone number is listed in her bio which reads: +1 (917) 970-9333.

This isn’t the first time Schumer, 38, has shared her phone number with fans. In November 2019 she shared her contact details, along with the caption: “Oh hi! It’s me, Amy Schumer, with some exciting news. I now have a phone number where the people who follow me on social media can text me and I can write you back.

“I can also update you when I’m in your town. And uh, yeah, I’m really excited. I wanted to have a more personal experience with the people who like me.

“That sounds super creepy but I do mean it. And my number’s below. I hope you’ll text me.”


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This time, her request hits closer to home.

The IVF process is often acknowledged as gruelling in terms of its physical, emotional and financial effects. Prior to semination, the invasive procedure requires the woman to inject herself with fertility medications which have side effects like bloating, headaches, breast tenderness, nausea, hot flashes, and mood swings.

The insemination itself – when the fertilised egg is placed into the woman’s uterus – can also result in cramping, bloating, breast tenderness and constipation.

Since sharing her post, other celebrities have also commented with their support. TV personality Katic Couric wrote, “You got this mama. Sending you lots of love!” with popstar Selena Gomez also sending her well wishes.

“I’m praying for you and chris. I’m sorry!” she wrote.


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If her IVF is successful, this will be her second pregnancy with husband, Chris Fischer. In May 2019 the couple welcomed their first child, Gene Attell Fischer after a difficult pregnancy. Estimated to occur in .5 to two per cent of pregnancies, Schumer suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum which resulted in severe and persistent nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. At one point the comedian was even hospitalised due to poor health and was forced to cancel multiple shows. She still managed to tackle the situation with her signature humour.

“I am in the hospital. I’m fine. Baby’s fine but everyone who says the 2nd trimester is better is not telling the full story. I’ve been even more ill this trimester,” she wrote in the Instagram post from November, 2018.

“I have hyperemesis and it blows. Very lucky to be pregnant but this is some bullshit! Sending so much love to the doctors and nurses taking great care of me and Tati! They are cool as hell!” she added.

Since giving birth to Gene, Schumer has shared multiple photos of her family-of-three on Instagram. Welcoming in the new year on December 30, she called 2019 the ‘best year of her life’.

“This has been by far the best year of my life and I spent half of it vomiting everyday,” she wrote.

And for what it’s worth, we hope she gets to do it all over again. But maybe with less vomiting.


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This has been by far the best year of my life and I spent half of it vomiting everyday.

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Have you been through the IVF process? What was your experience like? Tell us in a comment below.

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