'I uploaded a photo to Instagram. Then I was uninvited from my friend’s wedding.'

What would you do if you were uninvited from your close friend's wedding? And not because you did something horrible, like calling her gown hideous or sleeping with the groom. (Now those would be grounds to give you the flick!) 

But because you... *checks notes*... posted a photo on Instagram. 

That's exactly what happened to Australian content creator, Amy Dickinson - and the story is wild. 

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It all started when Amy forked out money to attend her close friend's hen's party on Hamilton Island. 

Usually, hen's parties are an opportunity for the bride and her best friends to let loose before the more formal events take place. However, according to Amy, guests were forced to "walk on eggshells" around the bride.

In a TikTok video, that has now been viewed over one million times, Amy explained that on the last night, the bride asked the group to put their phones away unless they were taking photographs. But "all hell broke loose" after Amy's friend took a picture of her and the bride.

@amzdicko HORROR STORY! I still cannot believe this happened to me. This is the meanest thing a girl has ever done to me… story time about how I was uninvited to a wedding #storytime #uninvitedweddingguest #uninvitedtoawedding #horrorstory #meangirls ♬ original sound - Amy Dickinson | Travel&Comedy

"The bride said 'stop taking photos of me, I don't even want these photos they're going to be gross anyway. I said there was a phone ban'. The poor girl that was taking the photos ran to the bathroom crying, and I ran into the bathroom after her to console her," Amy explained.

When the two returned to the table, Amy said the rest of the group refused to talk to them and the bride said their behaviour left her feeling humiliated. 

"The bride continues to say that she's so embarrassed and that we have to leave dinner immediately," Amy recounted. "We called two cabs. Me and my friend who I comforted in the bathroom get in one, and the rest of the party get in the other."

The bridal party had all agreed to meet at a specific spot, but when Amy and her friend's cab turned up at the new venue, the other girls were nowhere to be found and no one would answer their phones.

Eventually, the bride's mother called Amy, and she hoped they could have a reasonable conversation.

But when Amy asked the bride's mother where they were, her tone changed. 

"She goes, 'Are you using attitude with me?'" Amy recounted. 

"I was so exhausted by this point, I was like, 'Yeah I am a little bit because you guys said you were going to be here and you're not here and no one is answering their phone and I just want to work out where you guys are'."


This prompted the bride's mum to call Amy a "little b****" and kick her out of the bride's apartment, telling her she'd have to stay at another apartment instead. 

"At this point, I just wanted to get my keys, go home and go to sleep, but I couldn't do that because the other girls had the key," Amy said. 

So she ended up walking until she found the restaurant the bridal party were at, hoping enough time had passed that things would've cooled down. 

However, when Amy pulled up a seat next to the bride, she was ignored.

"She [the bride] turned away from me like it was the most embarrassing thing ever to be sat next to me. I started to publicly apologise to the group. I wanted to explain I wasn't choosing my other friend over her, I just wanted to make sure she was okay." 

But that was when the bride's mother intervened, saying, "How dare you upload a photo (to Instagram) before my daughter at her hen's party." 

"The mother was genuinely concerned that I had uploaded a photo before her. Mind you everyone else at that table had uploaded photos before her. I didn't know this was a protocol. If it was she should've said so and I wouldn't have uploaded before her. In the same breath, the photo I uploaded was just a beautiful scenic shot."


Yep, the bride and her mother were angry Amy had posted a picture OF THE WATER while she was in Hamilton Island. You can see it in the video below. 

@amzdicko Replying to @. This is the photo in question… #brizezilla #horrorstory #uninvitedweddingguest #uninvitedtoawedding ♬ original sound - Amy Dickinson | Travel&Comedy

Following the dinner ordeal, Amy tried to apologise again. 

"She took me out to the balcony... she starts screaming at me, saying ‘I shouldn’t have to treat you like a dog saying 'do this, do that’, you should already know that uploading a photo before me at MY hen's is not okay'," she said. 

"I was shocked and appalled by her behaviour. Never in my life has somebody spoken to me like that. It was vile."

Amy and her friend were banned from the apartment and from accessing their belongings. 

The bride called her the following day to tell her she was no longer invited to the wedding.

"My response was, 'Urgh, thank God. Being stranded on yet another island with you is my idea of hell. Of course I'm not going to your wedding'," said Amy. 

The pair have not spoken since.

Mamamia has reached out to Amy Dickinson for comment. 

Do you think the bride was overreacting? Or did she have the right to be angry at Amy? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: TikTok @amzdicko.

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