The Melbourne parents who lost a phone full of photos of their daughter, days before she died, have been targeted in a second hoax.


The Melbourne parents who lost a mobile phone full of memories of their terminally ill daughter, Amiyah, have been targeted by a second hoax.

When Jay and Dee Windross initially lost their phone, they made a public plea to find it, and were allegedly tricked by a woman demanding $1000 for its safe return.

Now, a fake GoFundMe page has been discovered, which is attempting to scam kind strangers into handing over cash.

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Video via Nine

“Someone is now trying to scam money from the very generous people who plan on pledging their earnings in memory of Amiyah,” Jay wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

“I honestly can’t believe the nerve of some people?? Seriously had enough of this!!!”

11-month-old Amiyah died last Wednesday, and in her final days, her distraught mother was exchanging text messages with a woman named Siti Nurhidayah Kamal who claimed to be in possession of the family’s Samsung Galaxy S8.


It was taken from a bathroom at Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne on April 20. Dee accidently left it behind in a toilet cubicle when she washed her hands.

When she realised less than a minute later, it was gone – along with hundreds of photos of the couple’s little girl.

“Our daughter is currently deteriorating in ICU and is in her last days with us and this phone holds all our memories of her,” Jay wrote on Facebook at the time.

He added the phone “Means more than money to us. This is worth life to us”, and offered a cash reward for its return.

Speaking to 7News, Jay explained his daughter spent 200 days of her 11-month life in hospital as an undiagnosed baby, meaning doctors hadn’t been able to find a diagnosis for her multiple health conditions.

His online plea was shared more than 91,000 times with 11,000 comments offering money, support and assistance.

Kamal was charged with blackmail, two days after Amiyah died.

“It was a hoax! Not only was it a complete and utter waste of my time, it was interrupting my final moments with Amiyah,” Jay explained on Facebook.

“While trying to spend every emotional minute with Amiyah and giving her all of my attention, I’m also responding to someone claiming to have our phone with all the memories of her,” Amiyah’s mother added.


The Age was in court for Kamal’s appearance via videolink, and heard both she and her husband worked as Uber Eats delivery cyclists and had two young children in Malaysia. They’d been struggling to get by financially.

“We have had to pay hospital bills, car parking, everything, our mortgage bills, our everything, and she’s in there crying because they don’t earn enough money,” Dee told the publication outside court.

As the grieving couple were dragged through the courts, they found themselves at the centre of another hoax.

Two days ago, they were alerted to a GoFundMe using their story.

The couple were flooded with support after they shared this news on Facebook.

“I’ve lost faith in the human race,” one person commented.

“I have no words. Society has lost its way,” added another.

A legitimate GoFundMe has been set up for the Melbourne couple, and has so far raised more than $10,000.

Last night, the heartbroken father shared his grief online writing: “It’s only been a week, yet it feels like years.

“I miss you my bubba. I miss your smell, I miss your smiles, I miss your noises, but most of all I miss your cuddles.”

You can donate to the real GoFundMe page here