Absolutely every other way you can find Mamamia content after the Facebook news ban.


It has been an interesting day in media publishing.

Early on Thursday, February 18 social media giant Facebook banned Australians sharing news on its platform in response to a proposed media bargaining code, which sees the government attempting to force major internet giants (*cough* Facebook and Google) to pay local media organisations for content.

As a result, Australian users and publishers will be restricted from viewing or sharing domestic and international news.

Overseas users also will be unable to access Australian news content.

So if you're wondering why your Facebook feed looks a little different and you had trouble finding the Mamamia you enjoy on the reg, this is why.

If you want a little more info on why Facebook has banned publishers and what it means, check out our explainer: Facebook just turned off access to all Australian news. Here's what that means.

We're... just no longer there.

So long. Image: Giphy.

Mamamia is the largest independent women’s media company in Australia, and even though a Facebook search will come up blank, we're alive and thriving absolutely everywhere else.

Yep, we're still making all the content you know and love, whether it's our written articles, videos or catching up with the friends in your ears via our podcasts.

We're also a purpose driven organisation, and our aim is to make the world a better place for women and girls. We do that through candid conversations that count for regular women, on whatever she wants to talk about - from health to world news to reality TV to parenting. 


These conversations are intended to make women feel seen, heard and understood - and we want to ensure we're still getting all of this good stuff to you to make that happen.

To help make sure you're still seeing all the Mamamia content you know and love, here are all the ways you can stay in touch.

Look. Let's start with the obvious.

There used to be a time where in order to read content, people had to head to a website's homepage. Mad, I know. 

Those days are long gone, with social media emerging as a major, often passive way for people to get their daily news hits sandwiched between cute dog videos and seeing what all their old high school mates were up to. 

I see you, and I feel you.

Image: Giphy.


One of the quickest, easiest (and most helpful, honestly!) ways to get your Mamamia content is simply by visiting our homepage. 

It's all there - fresh, up-to-date, diverse and very pleasing on the eye, if I say so myself.

You can even bookmark us!

Mamamia newsletters.

Each day, Mamamia has a selection of newsletters (lovingly curated by the team ourselves) which send out our biggest stories, cut-through-the-noise explainers, interesting opinions and of course, a few laughs.

There are a bunch of different EDMs to choose from based on your interests - so whether you're a parent wanting to be seen or looking for the latest reality TV goss (or both!) there's a newsletter for you.

Mamamia Daily hits your inbox each morning, with all the news you need to know ahead of the day. And in the afternoons, you can get your daily pop culture hit with The Spill.

Plus there's so many more that can hit your inbox weekly, monthly or whenever there's content you're going to want to get around.

But you can see this all for yourself when you subscribe here.

@mamamiaaus Instagram.

Instagram is owned by Facebook so look, this might be a short-lived thing, but Mamamia's Instagram page is where it's at.


Over on Insta, you can access all our best stories, see our videos and specially made Reels content and get all the latest info on our podcast episodes. 

There's also lots of interactive and enjoyable stuff, like our 'Daily debates' on Instagram stories where we ask your opinion on a topic - from more serious newsy things to uh, if you and your partner share towels.

Come on over, it's fun.

@mamamia Twitter.

Twitter is a scary place, but it's also a great resource for keeping up with what's going on in the world. So of course we're over there, living our best lives.

Flick us a follow to have our content appear on your Twitter timeline.

Twitter also has really good memes, so it's worth joining anyway.

Apple News.

If you're an iPhone/iPad user, there's an added way you can enjoy Mamamia - through Apple News. 

You might already be using the inbuilt app and if not, it's probably still somewhere on your phone... waiting.

Users can read articles on Apple News' platform directly, and your feed can be individualised based on publishers, websites and topics you select.

The best part? You can follow Mamamia directly on Apple News, which shows you our content and will also ensure you get push notifications for anything we reckon you simply have to see.

These are pretty bizarre times, so however you've stumbled across the post - thank you for reading Mamamia. We bloody love you.