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It looks like Ali might be getting replaced as the Bachelorette. Things just got real.

When 32-year-old Ali Oetjen was announced as Australia’s next Bachelorette at the end of April, no one expected that just one week later we’d be listening to X-rated rumours about her break up with her Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend, Grant Kemp.

Speaking to New Idea29-year-old Grant said that while the couple were trying to make their relationship work in LA, he caught Ali cheating on him with his best friend.

What began as a story about Grant walking in on Ali “hooking up” with his friend, quickly became a story about Grant’s friend “going down” on Ali, and Grant kicking her out of his home.

While Ali chose not to respond to the accusations, Channel Ten said the claims were “false” and “misleading”, and that “there are two sides to the story of why they broke up.”

We recap the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Post continues after audio.

Now, however, there’s speculation that Channel Ten want to replace Ali on The Bachelorette with another former Bachelor contestant.

A show insider reportedly told NW “there’s been a lot of backlash” around the network choosing Ali.

“Before Grant’s story even came out, fans were already outraged, calling her boring,” the insider said. “It’s a bit of a disaster!”

So, who would the network want to replace Ali with?

Apparently Nikki Gogan.


Speaking to NW, a source said, “Agents are basically casting for two girls right now – just in case Nikki comes through.”

Of course, Nikki is the 30-year-old real estate agent from Perth who was dumped by Richie Strahan on The Bachelor. Back in November 2016, just after her season had ended and she had emerged as a clear fan favourite, an executive producer on The Bachelorette said Nikki was a front runner for the role. The 2017 Bachelorette, however, ended up being Sophie Monk, leaving it unclear whether Nikki ever expressed interest in participating.

When asked about the show in mid-2017, Nikki suggested she had chosen her real estate career over reality TV fame.

“There were no hard feelings or missing out,” she said of Channel Ten’s announcement that Sophie Monk would be the Bachelorette.

“I look forward to the day that I’m recognised for my career rather than a TV show. That was a small period of time.”

But what if she’s changed her mind?

Stranger things have happened in the world of Australian reality TV.

Mamamia reached out to Channel Ten for comment but did not hear back by the time of publication.