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Ali Oetjen has addressed that "cheating" scandal for the first time... with a stir-fry recipe.

Ever since Grant Kemp claimed the reason behind his split from Ali Oetjen was that she cheated on him, we’ve been waiting for our future Bachelorette’s response.

Today, we have it. Maybe. We think. Look, we’re not quite sure.

Anyway, the 32-year-old posted an Instagram photo and caption that has been dubbed cryptic.

“Today and everyday; count my blessings, practice kindness, let go of what I can’t control, listen to my heart, be productive yet calm, breathe & be yourself,” she wrote.

“Left over CHICKEN + SUPERFOOD VEGGIE STIRFRY for lunch today ~
Sauté garlic & ginger in sesame oil until fragrant, add 1 diced chicken breast until browned, add a dash of soy sauce & sriracha to taste, then add @colessupermarkets superfood stirfry veggies & cook until tender (about 5mins) #healthydinner #easydinner #affordabledinner #homecook #homebody #foodisfuel #foodismedicine #blessedlife #nurtureyourself #alioetjenhealth.”


As one tabloid publication pointed out in their story headlined: The Bachelorette Ali Oetjen FINALLY breaks her silence after ex-boyfriend Grant Kemp sensationally accused her of cheating with his friend, Ali “appeared to defend herself” with this post.

And it was cryptic. So cryptic. I mean, what does “until fragrant” even mean? One diced chicken breast? A small one or large one, Ali? How much garlic and ginger? Is four teaspoons of the jarred stuff too much???

We were left with so many questions.

Of course, the tabloid was probably referring to the first half of the foodie’s post, the part that wasn’t spruiking Coles pre-packaged veggies.

So she says she going to “count her blessings” and “let go of what [she] can’t control”. Sounds like she’s telling us directly that she’s going to ignore everything being reported and said about her and focus on herself.

Because it’s just not like Ali makes a habit of linking wellness mantras with products she’s advertising.



Nope, this is definitely, D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y a message to all of us about Grant.

Then again, maybe it’s just a motivational recipe for stir-fry.

Yeah, actually, probably that.