The Bachelorette's top producer lets slip one of their front-runners for next year's role.

The Bachelorette Australia’s executive producer has strongly indicated Nikki Gogan is a front-runner for next year’s role in a new interview.

Executive producer Hilary Innes told the Courier Mail the 29-year-old’s relatability was a big part of her appeal, and a key reason why she has what it takes to be the next Bachelorette — providing insight into the top traits they look for.

“I go back to my notes from when we were casting (Georgia Love’s season of) The Bachelorette and what we were looking for and Nikki’s got all of the things we like,” Innes said.

“Warm, you like her, easy to be with, relatable; you feel like you can sit down and have a conversation, honest, good manners…”

Innes described Nikki as a girl-next-door type of person that everyone wishes the best for.

“She’s someone who we’d like as our friend, as our co-worker, as our daughter. She’s someone who is easy to deal with on so many different levels.”

“We want people like her to find happiness. We wanted her to find happiness.”

It’s true that Nikki captured the hearts of Australia, certain she’d receive the final (metaphorical) rose from Richie Stahan in the last season of The Bachelor.

Fans were quick with an outpouring of support for the real estate agent when she was dumped and there were immediate calls for her to be the next Bachelorette.


Nikki also has flawless style. Tick. (Post continues after gallery.)

However, some argue her casting would not make great television.

Regardless of what the producers or Australia want, it would, of course, come down to Nikki to decide whether she was ready for the reality TV role.

Nikki told Studio 10 shortly after the finale that she was not yet prepared to commit to becoming the next Bachelorette.

“I feel like I’m not in the right head or heart space to be able to truly answer that question,” Nikki told the panel.

“And on top of that, I know that’s a year from now and I feel like if I focused so far ahead that I might not be open to finding my person before then.”

Months have passed since then, and while she might be more open to it now, it will also all depend if the horseracing enthusiast remains single or not.

And that’s no guarantee. Nikki was spotted at Derby Day getting cute with Bachelorette contestant Cameron Cranley. There’s also plenty of people who think she’d make a great match for fellow runner-up Matty Johnson.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Feature image: Instagram/nikki_gogan