Nikki Gogan on the reason why Sophie Monk was chosen as The Bachelorette instead of her.

I think we all remember the crisp September evening on which Channel Ten tore out our hearts and used a meat pulveriser to obliterate any lingering hope that true love does exist…

…Otherwise known as last years’ The Bachelor finale when Richie chose Alex Nation over Nikki Gogan.

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So real. (Image: Giphy)

It was rough (presumably for Nikki as well), but we moved on with the reassurance the Perth favourite would be gracing our screens on The Bachelorette like Sam Frost before her. Right?

Enter Sophie Monk. Exit, our dreams.

But while we're still nursing broken hearts over Nikki's supposed 'axing' from the prime time role, turns out she's not even remotely fussed and is currently living her best life.

Speaking about the "fork in the road" many women face choosing between love and family, and career, Nikki's decision to prioritise her developing real estate career over TV fame was the right one for her.

"For lifelong fulfilment, for me, this was the better option," the 28-year-old told

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"I thought long and hard about my aims and I know how much I love my real estate career. It’s the path I’ll be most proud of."

Dispelling any rumours Channel Ten dropped the former Bachelor runner-up in favour of Sophie Monk at the last minute, Nikki confirmed she never had plans to extend her stint on reality TV.

"15 minutes [of fame] is good for me... there was no crossover, there were no hard feelings or missing out," she said.

"I look forward to the day that I’m recognised for my career rather than a TV show. That was a small period of time."

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And although we still miss our twice weekly catch ups with Nikki in our lounge rooms, we really can't fault the woman for going after her career with confidence and conviction.

In fact, we applaud her.

What about this years' The Bachelorette are you most looking forward to?