'I do not like my boobs.' Ali Oetjen on why she deeply regrets having her boobs done.


While we wait for the first episode of The Bachelorette to drop on Wednesday, October 10, we’re busy absorbing every single detail there is to know about Ali Oetjen – the woman who we’re going to watch fall in love.

However, beyond the Instagram images which portray a healthy, idyllic lifestyle filled with motivational quotes, a healthy diet and stringent exercise routine, the 32-year-old wellness influencer has recently shared her body image struggles.

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Oetjen had a confession – nine years ago she underwent breast enhancement surgery in order to impress a boyfriend, and she deeply regrets it.

“My boobs were not money well spent,” she said.

“If I had my time over, I would not have gotten them done.

“When I got them done, I did it for someone else. I thought it would make them happy.”


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The health and fitness advocate also said she’s had her “lips done” a while back but says she has no plans for future procedures.

“I would only ever have plastic surgery again to get my breast implants removed. I do not like my boobs,” she said.

Oetjen told the publication she wants to portray a positive body image for women. Although she isn’t against plastic surgery or cosmetic enhancements, the reality TV star says the intention behind the decision is an important factor.

“I definitely don’t want a man who is just attracted to my boobs,” she stated.

“It took me so many years to realise that.

“I want to reinforce that if women want to do something like get breast augmentation, they should do it for themselves, not anyone else.”

And that’s a message we can get behind.

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