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Ajay Rochester has shared the details of her feud with Michelle Bridges on I'm a Celebrity.


Ajay Rochester and Michelle Bridges’ feud has been reignited in the jungle.

The former Biggest Loser host detailed her public falling out with the Biggest Loser trainer on Monday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, calling Bridges’ attitude towards overweight people “judgemental” and “discriminatory”.

The feud made headlines in 2016 following an interview Bridges gave on a 2016 episode of Australian Story in which she said she had never met a happy obese person.

In response, Rochester shared a derisive blog post in which she called Bridges “fat-phobic”, saying the year her Biggest Loser bosses put her on a diet was the most miserable year of her life.

She also posted a photo of her bum to Instagram, telling Bridges to “kiss my fat happy ass”.

In a video confessional during I’m A Celeb, Rochester said Bridges’ comments on Australian Story were the final straw for her.

“I’d been silent for so long and it was like the little mouse that roared,” she said of her blog post.

“Look, I’ve got a fat ass and I’m happy and I try to live the biggest life possible and live the happiest life possible and just FYI, fat people can be happy.”


Speaking to former politician Sam Dastyari on the reality show, Rochester made it clear she definitely didn’t regret speaking out publicly.

“If you’re going to make millions of dollars in the weightloss industry then understand and acknowledge and have some empathy for your client. Don’t turn around and go you’ve never met a fat, happy person.

“It’s just the most judgemental, discriminatory thing that you could say and it just continually perpetuates this notion that fat in unhealthy, fat is unhappy, fat is different, fat is not okay and it’s like, no, you know what?

“I get that that’s your brand but everybody is different and everybody deserves the right to be happy.”

Rochester previously told Women’s Day she would “get a fork and stab myself” if Bridges appeared on the show.