A very compelling and petty theory about Aidan's ultimatum.

I have always been Team Aidan. Since the first time he appeared on Sex and the City many, many years ago, to his recent and long-awaited return to And Just Like That (let's forget about that weird jacket), I've always just liked that his character is a genuine good guy. Plus, John Corbett is a very nice-looking man.

But watching the final moments of season 2 of AJLT, I couldn't help but wonder... is Aidan about to do something really uncharacteristic and break Carrie's heart?

After a honeymoon-like romance and Carrie buying a fancy new Gramercy Park apartment for them to start over in, Aidan drops the bomb that they have to put their relationship on hold for five years because his youngest son needs him back at the farm.

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On the one hand, Aidan is a parent, and parents have a tendency to put their children's needs above their own. But... Virginia is only a two-hour flight from New York, and surely Aidan can convince Wyatt to come with him to the Big Smoke if it means maintaining a relationship with the love of his life?

I watched and waited for Aidan to throw their relationship a lifeline, but he never even asked Carrie to move with him to Virginia. Sure, she was 90 per cent likely to say no because she's a New York City girl etc, etc, but there was still a slight chance she would have said yes. Through time and life experience, we can all learn to compromise and sacrifice for the ones we love, and hadn't Carrie learnt from losing Big that life is short? And when she questioned whether she made a "big mistake" in choosing Big over Aidan all those years ago, wasn't that her practically admitting that she would do whatever it took to make it work with Aidan this time around?


But all that doesn't change the fact that Aidan didn't ask her to come with him.

Which, again, makes me (sadly!) suspicious that Aidan could be out for revenge. Was asking her to wait for him merely payback for her stringing him along for all those years? Whether subconscious or not, this could be him finding a way out of the relationship before Carrie is the one to hurt him once again...

Let's take a quick look back at Carrie and Aidan's relationship. She has broken his heart approximately three times throughout the course of their long relationship - the first when she had an affair with Big in season 3, then when she said yes to Aidan's proposal and then no to actually marrying him at the end of season 4, and then when she kissed him in Abu Dhabi while supposedly happily married to Big in the SATC movie sequel.

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These hiccups and break-ups may be ancient news in Carrie's mind, but in Aidan's, they seem to still be fairly fresh - so fresh that he can't even step foot in her apartment because decades-old ghosts of their relationship could still be lurking in the walls. It all begs the question of how much heart-stomping one person can take, regardless of how much they love or want the person who is breaking their heart.

Since Aidan and Carrie's picture-perfect reunion this season, things have gone too smoothly for a couple who has always been defined by fundamentally being mismatched for one another in morals and personality. Where was the uncertainty? Where was the drama? Was this new seamless Carrie-Aidan dynamic simply indicative of age, two people who were now old enough and wise enough to know better than to sabotage a good thing?


Or maybe the show's writers have been lulling the gullible fans under a false safety blanket, only to rip it away from us when we least expected it...

If Aidan is still harbouring insecurities about their rocky past, hasn't he wondered if the only reason that Carrie has finally committed wholeheartedly to loving him is that his Biggest competition is, literally, no longer a threat? Coming second best can sting for anyone, let alone someone with an extended history of coming runner-up.

Has he realised that he deserves better than the scraps that Carrie has given?

Aidan has been pining for Carrie for years. Even after marrying someone else and having kids with them, he still wants her back. After all those lost years, is he really going to be able to just sit and wait for another *clicks fingers* five years while his youngest son grows up? After all, neither Aidan or Carrie are getting any younger. Their time is now.

Unless... it's not, and underneath it all, Aidan can forgive but still can't forget the hurt that Carrie has inflicted on him over and over again. I guess only time - and season three of AJLT - will tell...

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