The affordable t-shirts that deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

Listen, if there’s one item of clothing you should buy this summer, it’s a new t-shirt.

The versatile staple knows exactly when it’s required to be the main character, and when it needs to sit back and be the supporting act instead.

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It doesn’t compete, it compliments. Which is exactly why it deserves a spot in your wardrobe.

I wear a t-shirt five out of seven days of the week, so my love affair goes deep. 

Wearing a pair of trousers? Throw on a tee.

Opting for a miniskirt? You know what to do. Throw on a tee. 

See? The options are endless, and the best part? You don’t need to take out a mortgage to afford one that’s good quality, and fits exactly how you want it to.

T-shirts, like many types of clothes, come in various colours, fits and silhouettes, so buying one can be a little daunting. Here’s my general advice if you’re looking for some guidance:

If you’re planning on wearing a t-shirt to work or a more formal environment, then opt for something more fitted and streamlined; but if you’re looking for something that you can wear casually, then oversized and boxy is the way to go.


So, now that you know what to look for, check out our roundup of the best t-shirts to buy under $50.

& Other Stories Relaxed T-Shirt, $35.

Image: & Other Stories, The Iconic.

Love Your Wardrobe Cora Striped Curved Hem Tee, $49.95.

Image: Love Your Wardrobe, The Iconic.


Dazie Beverley Stripe Boyfriend Tee, $39.99.

Image: Dazie, The Iconic.


Atmos&Here Organic Cotton Boyfriend Tee, $49.99.

Image: Atmos&Here, The Iconic.


Cotton On The 91 Classic Organic Tee, $24.99.

Image: Cotton On, The Iconic.

Atmos&Here Curvy Organic Cotton Crew Neck Tee, $29.99.

Image: Atmos&Here Curvy, The Iconic.


Love Your Wardrobe Jamison Everyday Tee, $49.95.

Image: Love Your Wardrobe, The Iconic.


Uniqlo Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt, $19.90.

Image: Uniqlo.


H&M+ Fitted Tee, $14.99.

Image: H&M.

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