Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The actual story behind Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘conscious uncoupling’ was far more heartbreaking than we thought.

With two words, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow created a new phenomenon surrounding celebrity divorces.

However, in the new documentary Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams, 41-year-old Coldplay front man Martin said his conscious uncoupling from his former wife left him feeling “completely worthless” and as though he was “nothing to anybody.”

“I was just like, ‘I’m a mess,’ really, because I can’t enjoy the great things around me,” he said.

“I went through a breakup with Gwyneth — listen, I’m never going to moan, I’m grateful for everything, but it was pretty touch and go.”

During their separation, Paltrow and Marton remained close and co-parented their two children Apple and Moses.

Both have moved on romantically – Paltrow with new husband Brad Falchuk and Martin with the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Dakota Johnson.

You can watch the promo for Coldplay: A Head Full of Dreams below.

2. What no one knew about Adam Driver.

Adam Driver and wife Joanne Tucker. Image via Getty.

You might recognise Adam Driver from the TV show Girls. Or Star Wars.

If you're familiar with the actor, you'll know he is a bit of a creative artist type. But what you might not know is that he maybe, probably is the father of a toddler.

During a time when being pregnant is a form of currency on social media, some celebrities are choosing to keep theirs hidden from the world completely.

Like Aussie model Cheyenne Tozzi, who recently spoke about why she chose not to share her pregnancy with her fans, Driver and his equally successful actress wife Joanne Tucker managed to keep their child's existence a secret for around two years, before 'friends' shared the news with Page Six.

According to sources, Driver and Tucker's family members have posted about Tucker’s pregnancy on their private Instagram feeds. One post was an image of Tucker with her sister, who was also pregnant at the time, and the caption “Sisters. Nearly matching everything. #babyshowerx2.” Another happy pic, from Tucker’s other sister, was captioned “My sisters and new moms.”


Neither Driver nor Tucker have confirmed the existence of such a child. Interesting.

3. Why Princess Diana always walked with her head down.

Image: Getty.

Princess Diana was often criticised for holding her head down.

She was accused of sulking, and looking forlorn.

But in Andrew Morton's book Diana: Her True Story - In Her Own Words', the author reveals the real reason.

"When I first arrived on the scene I'd always put my head down," Diana told the author before her tragic death.


"Now that I interpret it, that did look sulky. I've never sulked. I've been terrified out of my tiny little mind," she added.

The beloved Princess said she was terrified of the attention she was getting.

"I never sulked as a child, it's just not in me. I was just so frightened of the attention I was getting," she said in the book.

"It took me six years to get comfortable in this skin," she added.

4. Lady Gaga has spoken about her "masochistic behaviour" due to mental illness.

Image: Getty.

If you need another reason to love Lady Gaga, consider this it.

While accepting an award for A Star Is Born at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation's third annual Patron of the Artists Awards on Thursday, the 32-year-old actress opened up about her mental health struggles.

The speech was 25 minutes, and she detailed her own mental health crisis that led to the singer seeking professional help.

"I began to notice that I would stare off into space and black out for seconds or minutes," Gaga recalled.

"I would see flashes of things I was tormented by, experiences that were filed away in my brain with ‘I’ll deal with you later’ for many years because my brain was protecting me, as science teaches us. These were also symptoms of disassociation and PTSD and I did not have a team that included mental health support," she added.

She details the spiral that sent her into "suicidal ideation and masochistic behaviour.”

She finished the speech with a call to change the world. Now that's a message we can get behind.

5.  A thorough analysis of everything we know from The Bachelorette finale promo.

bachelorette finale
Image: Channel 10.

Ah, The Bachelorette Australia 2018 finale is almost upon us and isn’t it just a great time to be alive?

After watching Ali Oetjen sift through a medium sized group of suiters to “find a husband”, we will finally find out who that husband will be.

Over Wednesday and Thursday night, the 31-year-old from Adelaide will choose either Todd, Bill or Taite to build a white picket fence with.Judging by the promo video for the finale, it’s going to be a doozy.

Being the Bachelor franchise experts we are, we decided to undertake a thorough analysis of The Bachelorette finale promo so we can all go into it fully informed.

Here’s what we’ve concluded from our investigation...

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