Ada Nicodemou accidentally sent a racy pic to a parents' group chat. The mums 'hated' her for it.

Ada Nicodemou has made an awkward error.

The actor, who is best known for her iconic role as Leah Patterson on Home and Away, has made a rather, er, mortifying confession on live radio, that involves her kind-sorta nudes and a WhatsApp group with a hell of a lot of other parents in it.

Watch: Nicodemou's embarrassing confession! Post continues after video. 

Video via  2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin.

The segment, on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin, began with radio host Erin Molan reading aloud the following statement:

"She sent a racy photo to her son's soccer parents' group chat. Ada, you are awful. That is horrendous."

"You've got to see the photo to understand how embarrassing this is," the actor responded, going on to explain how exactly the snafu happened.

"So I did a cover for Stellar a while ago," the actor began. "And I was sending the cover to my manager, Claire, to see if she liked it."

Nicodemou on Stellar magazine in 2019. Image: Stellar.


"And it's quite racy, like, boobs are out," she explained. "You know... midriff. The whole thing and I sent it out and I was wondering why she hadn't responded."

That's when the actor discovered she had made a terrible mistake.

"... The next morning, I go to my phone. I'm like, 'Oh my god. I sent it to the group chat.' But not only did I send it to the group chat but mums, dads, my ex-husband and no one responded at all... I got nothing."

"So then I sent another message going, 'Oh my god. I'm so sorry. That wasn't meant for you. Ha Ha Ha. That was meant for my manager.' Still no response!"

"So everyone already hated me. But the mums? The mums hate me."

Nicodemou then went to Instagram to recap the memory later that morning. 


"[I thought it was] a pretty good photo, not going to lie," she recalled. "I was very happy with it so I thought I would send it to my manager, Claire, to see if she liked it... I had sent it to my son's soccer group chat... With all the mums, all the dads. That's the photo I sent."

"Yup," she continued. "I died."

Nicodemou shares her son, Johnas, who was born in 2012 via IVF, with her ex-husband Chrys Xipolitas, who she divorced in 2016.

The actor said in a recent interview with Good Health that she had to shatter the fantasy of "having it all".

"I've always got about 10 balls in the air," she said.

"But now I'm learning to let go. Instead of making five appointments in the day, I'll just make one. Or rather than having a picture-perfect showroom home, I'll let the house be messy so I can play with my son."

Feature Image: Instagram @adanicodemou.