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beachhouse84 December 28, 2021

The reality is there isn't enough support for parents these days, so its a miserable,  thankless, lonely job. Good on you for realising before it's too late

beachhouse84 November 20, 2021

I would not be happy  to be upstaged by such a sexy outfit at my wedding. Let the bride and groom have the guests attention. Kendall looks amazing. Save it for another occasion.

beachhouse84 November 14, 2021


beachhouse84 October 19, 2021

In 2009 When I went looking for support after leaving a coercive relationship I was told couldn't get any as it was not violent.

I'm glad things have changed 

beachhouse84 August 10, 2021

@websky well that’s very different 

beachhouse84 August 10, 2021

I hope he gets really sick as others with COVID have 

beachhouse84 August 5, 2021

Wtf? How can they not have non-binary options in this census????

beachhouse84 August 5, 2021

Yeah I have a issue with the doctor saying bad news about down syndrome. It’s similar regarding autism. It’s not bad news, it’s just information. 

beachhouse84 August 5, 2021

I like the sentimentality of the beginning but then I was left wondering: why are you breaking up if you feel this way about each other?

beachhouse84 July 24, 2021

I hope the police were vaccinated.

beachhouse84 July 22, 2021


beachhouse84 July 4, 2021

Is cannabis performance enhancing? It always made me sleepy πŸ˜‚

beachhouse84 July 3, 2021

@cat yep. I know that my son was called β€œnaughty” in preschool but was later diagnosed with adhd, a bio medical neurological disability that he has no co trol of except with medication he now has access to. 

I understand how challenging his behaviour can be when he is not medicated and how hard teachers work. I also know my son works harder than most of the kids in his class to achieve at a lower level than they do. 

Yes there are micro aggressions and kids fall through the cracks. Its really sad.

beachhouse84 July 3, 2021

@francisca I think she simply meant that at school if a child does not thrive they are considered difficult/ a problem but as her mum she was able to focus on her daughters positive qualities.

There is no doubt that schools do not/ struggle to cater for those on the outside of the bell curves. It's just a conundrum. 
My son. Is one of those kids. 

beachhouse84 June 26, 2021

@gu3st I gave up social media for a month or two and then naturally started reading books  

beachhouse84 June 19, 2021

Maybe it's the cognitive dissonance talking but I still think Chrissey has done good for gender equity. And because she's already been cancelled I feel like natural justice has been served.I don't have any animosity towards her. I doubt she will be a mean girl anymore. If she is  allowed back. 

beachhouse84 June 13, 2021

I had a somewhat similar experience with an ex.(he was hooking up with women and I onky found out because i looked in his phone - mind you I did it because I was suspicious. 

As hartowing as it was finding out he'd been'cheating, it allowed me to leave what I now realize was a coercively controlling relationship. 

beachhouse84 June 7, 2021

Luck? Surely not. 

beachhouse84 May 29, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 yes I had to go back to work out that manon was the baby that Sophie took home, not her biological daughter 

beachhouse84 May 26, 2021