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beachhouse84 September 25, 2020

@heffbec I second that. My son has adhd and she sounds a lot like him. But yes, girls are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Diagnosis is particularly important as they get older and life becomes harder. 

beachhouse84 September 23, 2020

I felt that too. It reminded me of a controlling, gaslighting, abusive narcissist ex boyfriend. It makes me shudder to remember how he would twist the situation and my emotions to suit him and make me feel trapped and powerless.

So glad I’m not there anymore.

beachhouse84 September 18, 2020

People are freaking out about this online (women and the lgbtqia community. Feels like theres a lot of fear that rights for those groups could be in danger 😭can you do a story on this?

beachhouse84 September 12, 2020

I’m keeping my married name too. It’s my children’s surname and it’s just easier. I actually prefer my maiden name but I like sharing my children’s surname better. 

beachhouse84 August 6, 2020


beachhouse84 August 6, 2020

Good comparison. Thank you. I must say I was being swayed to think she was inauthentic and mean but she’s done a lot of good.

beachhouse84 July 27, 2020

@wowdude geez it must be nice being perfect! Give the woman a break. She’s having a tough time and is a victim. Why are you so aggressively criticising her rather than empathising? 

beachhouse84 July 24, 2020

I’m a gen x but I also need reassurance and a hug! 

beachhouse84 July 4, 2020

@mumofboys I think happy mum, happy kids. I think sacrificing yourself for your kids is necessary and unavoidable, but when you become miserable because of it, it had negative implications. I admire this mums ability to self care and also be a great mum while she’s with her kids. 

beachhouse84 June 24, 2020

This is so sad 😭. He sounds like a gentle soul and there was no reason to treat him so badly and cause his death. I hope that justice is served. The offices involved used extreme, unnecessary force.

beachhouse84 June 19, 2020

Beautifully written. Reminds me of my narcissistic ex from years ago: the gaslighting, the sulking and manipulation, the hollow promises to lure me back in once I’d worked up the courage to leave him. Glad you moved on. 

beachhouse84 June 19, 2020


beachhouse84 June 13, 2020

@salpal 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

beachhouse84 June 10, 2020

@james b “these people” Is quite derogatory and your comment lacks compassion for a marginalised, disadvantaged group. I’m guessing you are a white male? Perhaps sit back and listen to the voices of those suffering and try to reflect on your own privilege. 

beachhouse84 June 3, 2020

I did feel the title was a bit judgemental but then again it is the reason why I read it. I don’t think the article was judgemental but as a mum with kids from two different relationships I think society judges you as defective if you don’t have a nuclear family. It’s the whole “she’s got two children to two different fathers” with eyebrows raised as if you are a spectacle/ failure/ slut. It’s a form of slut shaming really.

beachhouse84 May 30, 2020

Similar story here but my partner never had any assets. The line about him trying to “destroy me” is eerily familiar. Mine did it through our child. You feel dramatic saying “he’s trying to destroy me” but that’s exactly what it feels like. I ignored my gut instincts for 9 years (our whole relationship) because why wouldn’t I want to be with a handsome, charming, flattering successful man that seemingly adores me?

beachhouse84 May 29, 2020

I have to say that unless you are a mum to a child with additional needs, particularly a boy with autism and high support needs, along with being the mother of multiple children, you don’t know the struggle. If she just had her adopted son she could probably devote her life to his care. But having multiple children to care for would be a mountain to climb every day. I think her monetising her “good deed” of adopting a child with additional needs was wrong, but i have sympathy for her. She clearly didn’t know how hard it would be.

beachhouse84 May 23, 2020

My brother is in a similar situation. Grew up in a loving family but is now addicted to drugs and believes the conspiracy theories talked about recently on mamamia.... I have thought recently that he is possibly autistic with adhd. It’s a long bow to draw but I’ve recently found out that several family members are autistic, including myself. I’m not saying that autism causes addiction but new research suggests that being autistic with average or above average intelligence, does put people at risk of addiction, especially coupled with adhd. It would be a very complex relationship but no doubt struggling with relationships and social interactions would play a part. bullying, stigmatisation, and other negative environmental factors would also play into it. it’s probably a seemingly random comment but it gives me hope that if my brother got a diagnosis, he might be able to get the right support that he needs, instead of having to self medicate...

beachhouse84 May 13, 2020

The argument that you don’t want to be vaccinated or vaccinate your kids because it might cause autism (which is false) is so offensive to autistic people. Like you’d rather risk getting a deadly disease than have autism?

beachhouse84 April 29, 2020

I had a similar (non covid) experience years ago with my ex. I left him because he was cheating but we were both unhappy. I was hurt by the cheating but I was happy the relationship was over. The more painful and difficult thing was my daughter having a new stepmom before I had a chance to even grieve the relationship.

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