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beachhouse84 February 4, 2024

@laura__palmer seriously- their stay in the hotel was probably worth as much as the couch and the family was probably exhausted from all the demand along the way. Please support other parents instead of just judging them. If the old bag *actually* cared she would have offered to help not just criticise. Parenting is lonely and hard and too many people are happy to tell you what you are doing wrong instead of offering to help.

beachhouse84 February 4, 2024

Omg! What a tragic life losing all those people to drugs 😭😭I can’t imagine the grief she must feel 

beachhouse84 January 9, 2024

I think a lot of people have a narrow view of gaslighting. I think it includes any time a man tries to deny a woman her own version of reality and replace it with his own. Obviously not exclusive to men but in this society men do tend to feel entitled to “own” reality. When I told my ex that I was suffering post natal depression he told me I don’t have that. While not trying to make me feel crazy he was definitely defining my reality and trying to replace my internal reality with his. 

beachhouse84 January 7, 2024

How could her partner believe she was pregnant? Wouldn’t he have seen her naked once in 9 months?

beachhouse84 January 4, 2024

I’m deathly afraid of being cheated on as it feels like the most humiliating insult. To not be respected enough for my partner to be loyal

Having said that, cheating was the only way I was able to get away from a long term partner who was a narcissist. While his attention was on me I was pretty powerless to leave even though I wanted to: he’d keep love bombing me and reeling me back in after treating me badly. Finally he fell in love with someone he had an affair with and while it hurt like hell, it gage me the window to walk away without him reeling me back in (and he had his attention on his next victim). 

beachhouse84 January 4, 2024

I was with a narcissist for 10 years and the mind games were devastating 😭 

beachhouse84 January 4, 2024

White middle aged straight men are undatable. They are misogynistic, coercive and just awful in all of my varied experiences. I’d rather date a younger guy from another less misogynistic culture, or a woman any day 

beachhouse84 December 30, 2023

Yes!! New Year’s Eve and Christmas both suck 

beachhouse84 December 29, 2023

I don’t mind birthdays, it’s Christmas I hate! Birthdays can be on days where life continues to happen and routines or rhythms can be maintained but Christmas: the whole country stops! There are no regular support services, people are away and busy. As a single mum away from family and with a high needs child, Christmas is excruciating. I hope as Australia evolves we can all just take time off when we need it  rather than the whole social support system shutting down for 10 lonely, isolating, chaotic days. I’d be happy to say goodbye to Christmas forever. Birthdays on the other hand are great! 

beachhouse84 December 27, 2023

Love this 👏🏻👏🏻

beachhouse84 December 18, 2023

I’m so sorry that happened to your daughter. She sounds incredible to suggest a meeting. What a great way to resolve the issue. It’s a shame it didn’t happen. 

beachhouse84 December 16, 2023

The key here is many parents are parenting in isolation. As a single mum of a child with complex disabilities I find it very hard to access effective support. I can’t get respite because my son’s needs are hard for others to meet and my son doesn’t feel safe around many people. I get frustrated and isolated and unfortunately sometimes I smack my kids. It’s not my preference and in fact I really don’t want to do it but being burnt out and not being able to access respite means I’m not at my best ever these days 😭😭and yes I have ndis and other formal supports but I don’t have anyone to come and assist me at home at night when I’m tired, the kids are tired and things get really tough. Yes I’ve used carers gateway but they limit the amount of respite you can get and I used all my trying to keep my job so we don’t add poverty to the list of challenges we face 

beachhouse84 December 10, 2023

@random 4126 it’s not easy but it doesn’t sound like these programs are effective or humane so they don’t seem to be the answer 

Empathy, connection, patience, time. Not easy but more effective I believe 

beachhouse84 December 10, 2023

@jessiewbooth yes but this is involuntary to begin with. Surely your version of wilderness therapy is for people who choose to do that rather than unconsenting teenagers being denied bodily autonomy 

beachhouse84 December 9, 2023

Wow! What a jerk. Just give her the phone !

beachhouse84 December 1, 2023

Well done 👏🏻

beachhouse84 November 27, 2023

@ican'tthinkofone sometimes/often kids are in burnout and / or traumatised by their experiences at school so just going to another school isn’t possible. Schools must reform to support neurodivergent children. How much PD does your school provide you with to support autistic kids and kids with adhd? 

I know teachers are overworked so no judgement but my only option is to keep my son home which jeopardises my livelihood and the roof over our heads 

beachhouse84 November 12, 2023

I think the treatment of the mother by the hospital is consistent with the way mothers are treated if a child is experiencing or doing anything that is not familiar. It’s probably a case of “mother blaming” which can be debilitating and in this case contributed to her suicide 😢

beachhouse84 October 27, 2023

A pound of flesh..?

beachhouse84 October 16, 2023

Wow! So many systems are violent towards women