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beachhouse84 June 19, 2021

Maybe it's the cognitive dissonance talking but I still think Chrissey has done good for gender equity. And because she's already been cancelled I feel like natural justice has been served.I don't have any animosity towards her. I doubt she will be a mean girl anymore. If she is  allowed back. 

beachhouse84 June 13, 2021

I had a somewhat similar experience with an ex.(he was hooking up with women and I onky found out because i looked in his phone - mind you I did it because I was suspicious. 

As hartowing as it was finding out he'd been'cheating, it allowed me to leave what I now realize was a coercively controlling relationship. 

beachhouse84 June 7, 2021

Luck? Surely not. 

beachhouse84 May 29, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 yes I had to go back to work out that manon was the baby that Sophie took home, not her biological daughter 

beachhouse84 May 26, 2021


beachhouse84 May 25, 2021


beachhouse84 May 25, 2021

Look the stuff she said was bad and if I had been in the receiving end I would have been devastated. But I also think she's been good for female empowerment, normalising breast feeding and pumping, opening up about miscarriage . Etc 

I just hate relational aggression that is the norm for women. I suffered very badly through high school because of it but I also took part. 
I think both toxic masculinity and toxic femininity and both fed from the same well - patriarchy, capitalism,etc. 
We can all do better, me, you and Chrissy.

beachhouse84 May 24, 2021

@gu3st what an ass he is! Unbelievable. 

beachhouse84 May 24, 2021

Being isolated you definitely lose so e perspective. Glad you got out.

beachhouse84 May 24, 2021

@Zepgirl yeah I thought that was weird 

beachhouse84 May 22, 2021

I gave up coffee for 18 months because it made me feel really anxious. I would still have black tea at home/ work and when I was out for coffee with friends I would have a chai latte.

Slowly coffee crept back in and I was back to strong barista coffee daily. 
But I have recently been diagnosed with adhd and take stimulant medication which has been a game changer for my disorganised brain. I can't drink coffee on the days I take my medication(work days) orI get jittery. But I drink it on the weekends.

beachhouse84 May 21, 2021

I LOVED the names Sarah and Rebecca growing up - they seemed so dreamy and perfect. For years I wished my parents had named me Sarah. But i didn't name my daughters either of those. I went for classics/ older names instead which Sarah was not at the time - it was a name from my generation not my grandparents. 

beachhouse84 May 18, 2021

Thanks for reminding us when the other headlines would have us forget.

He should probably have a gps tracker while continuing to play the game he loves, have gainful employment and be actively rehabilitated. 
Can we keep the women and children in his life safe while allowing him to (potentially) redeem himself? 

beachhouse84 May 18, 2021

Why is the ceo of netball a man ffs? Don't we have enough men in leadership with having to put up.with one in a female sport? 

beachhouse84 May 18, 2021


beachhouse84 May 15, 2021

@anonymous I agree that men with avos should 100% have trackers!!! 

beachhouse84 May 13, 2021

F%#$in’’.ay! What an awesome effort. I wish I was that brave to put myself out there like that to help dismantle the patriarchy. Thank you πŸ™‡ Inspirational πŸ‘

beachhouse84 May 9, 2021

Susan Carland- profound! I've never been able to articulate that before ❀️

beachhouse84 May 8, 2021


beachhouse84 May 8, 2021

The hard thing is they often love bomb you at the start and seem so nice, concerned, understanding. But once you fall in love with them and begin to intwine your life with theirs, then the abuse and control begins. It wasn't until 6 months in that my ex showed his true colours but we were already living together by then. So leaving was a harder option than if I had my own place. 

Moving in too quickly is probably another red flag.