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beachhouse84 January 17, 2021

Such a positive story for me when I’m struggling with sleep. Thank you!

beachhouse84 January 8, 2021

I remember learning about him after hearing the Manic Street Preachers song about him in the late 90’s. 

beachhouse84 December 4, 2020

I agree he should be encouraged to help out but it sounds like there is something going on with him that may need professional help like undiagnosed adhd or depression. 

I don’t think the mum should run herself ragged but I think if all was well he’d be more motivated in life and help out more. 

beachhouse84 December 2, 2020

@Ayrendal I drank a lot in my youth. It’s sad that we feel the need to. Society isn’t set up to really support people. We are lucky in Australia to have welfare and free healthcare but a lot of people still struggle emotionally and seek refuge in alcohol and other drugs. Wish I knew the answer. 

beachhouse84 December 2, 2020

What a brave mum to keep fighting for other victims after losing her daughter. 

beachhouse84 December 2, 2020

I was diagnosed at 44. Great article. Nice too see community awareness of neurodiversity.

beachhouse84 November 9, 2020

What a beautifully written story. And what a relatable, compassionate man. Couldn’t help but shed a few tears and feel even more grateful that he won. Having someone like that leading America feels so right.

beachhouse84 November 6, 2020

Faith restored 💕

beachhouse84 September 25, 2020

@heffbec I second that. My son has adhd and she sounds a lot like him. But yes, girls are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Diagnosis is particularly important as they get older and life becomes harder. 

beachhouse84 September 23, 2020

I felt that too. It reminded me of a controlling, gaslighting, abusive narcissist ex boyfriend. It makes me shudder to remember how he would twist the situation and my emotions to suit him and make me feel trapped and powerless.

So glad I’m not there anymore.

beachhouse84 September 18, 2020

People are freaking out about this online (women and the lgbtqia community. Feels like theres a lot of fear that rights for those groups could be in danger 😭can you do a story on this?

beachhouse84 September 12, 2020

I’m keeping my married name too. It’s my children’s surname and it’s just easier. I actually prefer my maiden name but I like sharing my children’s surname better. 

beachhouse84 August 6, 2020


beachhouse84 August 6, 2020

Good comparison. Thank you. I must say I was being swayed to think she was inauthentic and mean but she’s done a lot of good.

beachhouse84 July 27, 2020

@wowdude geez it must be nice being perfect! Give the woman a break. She’s having a tough time and is a victim. Why are you so aggressively criticising her rather than empathising? 

beachhouse84 July 24, 2020

I’m a gen x but I also need reassurance and a hug! 

beachhouse84 July 4, 2020

@mumofboys I think happy mum, happy kids. I think sacrificing yourself for your kids is necessary and unavoidable, but when you become miserable because of it, it had negative implications. I admire this mums ability to self care and also be a great mum while she’s with her kids. 

beachhouse84 June 24, 2020

This is so sad 😭. He sounds like a gentle soul and there was no reason to treat him so badly and cause his death. I hope that justice is served. The offices involved used extreme, unnecessary force.

beachhouse84 June 19, 2020

Beautifully written. Reminds me of my narcissistic ex from years ago: the gaslighting, the sulking and manipulation, the hollow promises to lure me back in once I’d worked up the courage to leave him. Glad you moved on. 

beachhouse84 June 19, 2020


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