Tony and Tanya want to keep abortion illegal in NSW. They've also both been the Minister for Women.


In 1976, then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser appointed the first ever Minister for Women.

He wanted something formal put in place to make sure women’s affairs were given the right attention in government affairs.

As you can imagine, if one takes on the role they’re supposed to be thinking about gender equality, domestic violence, sexism and one would think – reproductive rights.

A woman’s right to choose what she does with her body.

A woman’s right to bodily autonomy.

Well. That’s what we’d hope they’d be fighting for.

Explaining abortion to Uncle Barnaby. Post continues after video.

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For those of us simply stunned that New South Wales is having to fight in 2019 to dismantle archaic laws that make abortion a criminal act, last night’s announcement of a spill motion against the Premier for her pro-choice support was just another blow.

We’ve been in the trenches on this topic for about four months now, and the majority of us are mighty tired.


Let’s not forget, 73 per cent of NSW constituents think abortion should be legal. The majority of us are sitting at home flabbergasted as we watch our politicians continually ignore our pleas, our protests, our desires.

nsw abortion law
No matter how loud we scream, apparently politicians aren't listening. Image: Getty.

So while we're somewhat relieved to hear that the planned spill motion has been called off hours before it was set to be announced, the stinging blow has already been dealt.


You see, one of the three MPs who planned to move against the Premier for her supposed "shameful" handling (aka, support through a conscience vote) of the new abortion bill, is the New South Wales former Minister for Women and Mental health.

A double blow.

In fact, Tanya Davies held that role right up until April of this year.

Tanya Davies was the NSW Minister for Women up until April this year. Image: AAP Image/Joel Carrett.

Even more depressingly, guess who also held that role but on a national level?

Yep, the man who at the weekend declared that abortion was "effectively infanticide on demand".

Tony Abbott appointed himself Minister for Women in 2013 and held the position for two years.

Two elected politicians who for a combined four years of service were supposed to be fighting for the rights of women.

Tony Abbott speaks during an anti-abortion rally in SydneyImage: AAP/James Gourley.

What we've witnessed in the last four days is Mr Abbott taking it upon himself to attend anti-abortion protests and effectively rally the pro-life troops, while Tanya and her fellow Liberal MPs, Matthew Mason-Cox and Lou Amato, were planning to try to roll a Premier that the people of New South Wales themselves elected.

Apparently the opinions of three MPs overrule that majority.

It's a sad state of affairs when the very ministers who used to be on the frontline for women, are turning their backs on one of the fundamental rights a woman deserves.

A right that, yes we're bringing up that big ol' stat again - 73 per cent of New South Wales are in support of.

It seems to us, Tony and Tanya learnt nothing during their tenure as Minister for Women.

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