NSW's new Minister for Women Tanya Davies under fire for pro-life stance.


By Brigid Glanville and staff.

New South Wales’ new Minister for Women Tanya Davies has come under fire for her pro-life stance on her first day in the job.

After being sworn in this afternoon, the Member for Mulgoa was needled about her stance on the issue at a press conference, leading to a stiff exchange with new Premier Gladys Berejiklian in front of the cameras.

It is Ms Davies’ first ministerial position. She replaced the experienced Pru Goward, who held the portfolio for more than five years.

“Personally I am pro-life … but in my role I am there to support all women and I will support all women, and I will listen to all women and I will take on board all the stakeholders’ comments and feedback … and ensure the best outcome for all women is secured,” Ms Davies said.

Claire Pullen from the Women’s Electoral Lobby said most people in NSW did not share the minister’s view.

“It is disappointing that the new minister has made her own private views on abortion known so soon,” she said.

“It is a concern if the Minister for Women wasn’t prepared to take into account the community standard.

“The overwhelming majority of people in New South Wales are pro-choice and we would want a Minister for Women who is prepared to trust women and doctors to make personal medical decisions.”

When asked if there was anything she would like to change about the abortion process in NSW, Ms Davies did not rule anything out.

“At the moment I’m waiting for a brief and I’m going to get my head around my brief in the three portfolio areas as fast and as speedily as I can and begin the process of discussing all range of matters with stakeholders and coming to a decision,” she said.

However, it took less than a minute for Ms Berejiklian to shut down any changes the minister might have been considering.

“Can I just stress on that point that there is obviously no change in policy in relation to those issues,” she said.

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