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Abbie Chatfield is the host of FBoy Island. There is one question she is sick of being asked.

Abbie Chatfield has got to have one of the best/worst jobs in the world.

As the host of the new reality dating show FBoy Island, the 27-year-old has been spending a lot of time with 24 — predominantly shirtless — men in tropical paradise while three women wade through the masses to find love (or at least minor celebrity fame).

However, half of the contestants self-identify as f**k boys.

And to be honest, if dating in 2023 has taught me anything, I don’t hold out much hope for the ‘nice boys’ either. 

Like I say, a hard day at the office. 

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But there’s one aspect of her new gig that’s got Abbie riled up. And it’s a question she’s being asked time and time again in \interviews for the show. 

So, in a desperate bid to make it stop, the host jumped on social media last night to silence her interviewers. 

“It’s pretty hard to offend me personally in an interview but there’s a pretty cooked and misogynistic question I keep being asked about my role as host of FBoy Island both privately and in press,” she wrote on Twitter and shared on Instagram, “and I just want to address it once.” 


“I can’t believe I even have to do this, but it keeps coming up. The question is, ‘Were you keen on/did you want to f**k any of the contestants? Were you tempted? Did you use the show as your own way to meet guys?’.” 

For Abbie — who rose to fame as the runner-up on The Bachelor in 2019 and later as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise Australia — the answer “clearly” is no. 

“As the host of a reality TV format, I would presume that is obvious,” she continued. “It is my job to host the show. No part of me enters that area expecting a romantic connection.  

“I am there to work, to control what is happening on set and to gain the trust of the contestants and try to make them comfortable, as I have been a contestant myself. Potential love interests isn’t even a thought that crosses my mind for a moment.


To be clear, Abbie is not “resisting” a feeling. Instead, she said it simply “does not exist”. 

“I am the host and I hold myself to [a] level of professionalism,” she explained, “that in my opinion is very basic: don’t try to/want to f**k contestants??”

And fair enough, because not only would that completely derail the whole concept of her show — in the men vying for three women only — but it would be unethical.

“There is a power imbalance between myself and the contestants which I would never breach or take advantage of,” Abbie wrote. “Not only is the notion of this highly inappropriate, it’s offensive to my level of professionalism and dedication to my role.”


It’s hard to even imagine someone in a different industry being faced with the same lineup of questions. But for Abbie she’s often the target as a young woman who speaks openly about sex.

“That doesn’t mean I’m some sort of fiend always on the lookout for my next f**k, regardless of where it comes from,” she said on Twitter. “I’m a professional, despite my age and gender."

She added that the question puts her in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

“I either imply that the contestants are undatable as a whole, insulting a group of 24 virtual strangers and also undermining the premise of the show,” Abbie explained. 

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“Or I start a conversation about the misogyny attached to that question, which is a five minute interview in a lineup of 10 that day, [that] I simply don’t have the time or energy for.

But she’s made it clear now. 

“I was not, and will never be so unprofessional to have even an iota of a thought that contestants on a dating show are anything close to a romantic interest,” she wrote.

“Please. Stop. Asking.”

Image: BINGE.

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