Abbie Chatfield is on a 'burnout' holiday. Here's what she had to say about it.

Abbie Chatfield is taking a well-earned break from work and social media. 

The Fboy Island host posted to her Instagram to share with her followers some realisations she's had about her life since she checked in to a medical and health centre in Thailand for the recent burnout she's experienced.   

She elaborated on her state of mind on her It's A Lot podcast. "I've had a real moment at this retreat," Abbie said.

“I’ve realised that my priorities need to shift, as I’ve taken on so many jobs and I'm trying to figure out what I do and don't want to do. And I'm trying not to push myself to work way harder than I need to,” the 28-year-old said. 

“I’ve been absolutely depleted and burnt out from the start of the year." 

Since becoming the breakout star of the 2019 season of The Bachelor, Abbie has created a podcast, radio show, fashion brand and vibrator, she won I'm A Celebrity, co-hosted the Love Island after-show, joined the judging panel on The Masked Singer, and hosted Fboy Island.


Those are just the highlights, and I'm physically tired just typing that all out. 

"Mentally I think I have a genuine addiction to work... I feel like my only value comes from work," she said.

“These five days [in Thailand] have been incredibly difficult, which is bizarre because all I’ve done is sit around, get massages and swim.”

Quick! Have a listen to the latest episode of The Spill. Post continues after podcast.

During the retreat, Abbie said she's had time to think about her priorities and reevaluate her life. 

“All I’ve done is work for the last couple of years. I have almost no social life anymore. I’ve gotten to a point where ‘normal’ is working so much and not socialising and it’s led to a social anxiety being formed and an anxiousness around meeting new people,” she said. 

Abbie also admitted she's been isolating herself away from her friends. "This is so dark, but I thought that if something happened to me and I dropped dead, I wouldn't have seen any of my friends in six months, or a year." 

From now on, she said she will try to relax in her free time, rather than plan what she has in the pipeline for work. 

Abbie also announced that she plans to take a "step back from socials" and will post less on Instagram. “I’m trying to re-prioritise so I can give you all the best content and be happy in my life," she said. 

“I’m trying to figure out what’s important to me and that’s gonna take therapy, mindfulness and a lot of active change.”

Feature image: Instagram/@abbiechatfield + Binge. 

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