Kim Kardashian's velour tracksuits, and 7 other 00s trends we desperately hope don't comeback.

I think I can speak on the entire global population’s half when I say the 2000s was a period of time where it was near impossible to look good.

I mean, actually look good. Like empowered, natural, feelin' myself loveliness. 

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...perhaps I am over over-egging it because, sure, Jennifer Aniston looked great in the 2000s. I, however, was rocking a wonky fringe, a get-the-London-look tooth gap and belts wider than the mini-skirts they sat on.

So that’s why when Kim Kardashian dropped her latest SKIMS collection, featuring throwback ‘Velour’ items and modelled by her and her noughties-bestie Paris Hilton, I panicked.


Does this mean that other 2000s trends are going to be seeping back into fashion? 

Instantly visions of khaki cut-offs, oversized pink glasses and dresses over jeans come flooding into my brain. And I feel queasy. 

So, in order to try to stop these styles from coming back around, I’m listing them all here, to read as a giant red flag. Let’s band together to stop the resurgence of these terrible 2000s trends. 

Capri pants.

Low-rise capri pants, to be specific. Barely hanging off the hips of every celebrity in the decade, these puppies were best paired with a crop top - ideally with some scrunchie ruching or an un-PC print.

Leighton Meester in Capri Pants. Image: Getty. 

Much like low-rise anything, this cut is particularly tricky to manage and has zero of the comfort of our high-waisted faves

White tank tops.

These were the 2000s staple. Able to be worn with jeans, jean shorts, jean skirts and its essential pairing is, of course, a bra that is any other colour but white. Straps to be showcased as an essential part of the ~lewk~. 

Regina George in Mean Girls. Image: Paramount Pictures. 


...okay maybe not to this level. But this was a major 2000's vibe.

While tank tops are still probably considered a staple, we’re glad sensible, practical bras have found their home under them.

Dresses over jeans.

I would like to say a polite ‘No thank you’ to this noughties trend. It was simply the worst combination of ‘dressy-casual’ and this extreme level of layering I’m sure was the cause of most thrush cases in the early 2000s. 

Kelly Clarkson in an infamous dress-over-jeans look. Image: Getty. 

Long skinny scarves.

Practical for staving off cold chills? Absolutely not.

Lindsay Lohan in a super-skinny/pointless scarf. Image: Getty. 


Scarves as belts.

Serving no actual purpose of holding up your pants and giving us more of a Captain Jack Sparrow vibe than fashion-forward trend.

Leighton Meester in a scarf belt. Image: Getty. 

In fact, while we’re on the topic of belts.... 

Ginormous Belts.

When the belt is longer than the skirt, you know you’ve hit a problematic ratio.

Kelly Clarkson challenging the belt-to-skirt ratio. Image: Getty. 


Jean chains.

While I’m a fan of layering jewellery, dangling multiple silver chains off your jean pocket is not something I’m willing to ever re-subscribe to. 

Lindsay Lohan ft. Jean chain. Image: Getty. 

Here's hoping that none of these are seen on me in the near or distant future. It's better for the wider world that way.

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Feature Image: @kimkardashian Instagram and Getty.